Friday, August 2, 2013

5 Tips to Generate 100,000 Page Views During the First 3 Months of Your Blog

May 10, 2013: 0 Page Views. This blog's birthday. Fast forward to yesterday.

Woohoo! I hit 100,000 page views, with 9 days to spare before my 3 month anniversary. I am happy but hungry of course, LOL. Because I want to improve my blog traffic, ad revenue and build my brand too. Note; reaching 100K views is not easy, especially if you want to reach these numbers during your blog’s infancy. If however you wish to bust your tail, you can do it too.

1. Know Why

You know why I do what I do. Why I work like an animal to grow my online business. I like freedom. I travel the world. Flying back from Costa Rica as I write this post, and I must say, living the internet lifestyle to the hilt is a blessing, but you need to be driven. Your WHY must be greater than your excuses to do insane things in the online realm.

2. Post 2 or More Time Daily****

OK, here are the astericks. I want to be special. I want to be like, well, I want Ryan Biddulph to be KNOWN. So I post more than twice daily. I create 1 minute long videos, along with a few text posts…..and….I…post….30 or more times daily. My blog is more like – a trusted online business NEWS resource – than a “blog.” I have so many ideas, I simply need to let God work through me, without getting in the way by making excuses ;) Push yourself. Prosper.

3. Join Tribes

Tribes expand your presence pronto If you struggle to generate significant traffic try joining tribes. I saw page views to the tune of 3600 views daily a few weeks back before Triberr restricted shared posts a few weeks back. Now I am good money for 2000 views daily. I work like hell, but I also share other people’s content through tribes to help ‘em out and expand my own presence too.

4. Revisit WHY

OK, here is the point where you tell yourself, it makes so sense to post more than once a day, or joining tribes is a waste of time. Identify your WHY again. Do you want to make a few bucks? Or build a nice tribe? Or make a ding in the Universe, as Steve Jobs said? I prefer the ding option ;), because I know if I push myself, and have a LOAD of fun doing it, I can inspire so many people to crush their obstacles. Revisit your WHY. Do you want financial freedom, or freedom to travel the world, or do you want to leave your job, to spend time at home with your family? Picture the vision. Build the emotion. Crush resistance.

5. Go Heavy on Content Light on Ads

I visit a few blogs each day. Some go mad on ads and light on content. Attract more visitors by posting popular post widgets, and related posts widgets on your blog. Linking up keeps visitor’s fannies on your website. They stick around, click some links and boost your page views.