Friday, May 31, 2013

Do You Fight Online Business Change or Embrace it?

I laugh now. I am changing and fighting a bit. Haha. Yeah, me ;) I grow my online business from a place of flow, of flux, but I am not immune to fighting change.

I am learning the ins and outs of an intensive SEO approach to blogging which is great; unfortunately it put me back 45 minutes in my day, which is light years. This exposes my attachments which is a great thing and also super uncomfortable.

I watch my agitation arise, and fall. I mean I am so used to setting all the rules on my blogs, this is a bit uncomfortable for me, but it is what it is. LOL. I watch my opinions, my emotions, my convictions, do some re-edits of my mind, and emails, and laugh at change as I embrace these ideas with greater ease.

The thing is, I do not always embrace change so the key is these moments is to honor my feelings, eventually hug the feelings and I need to let go the feelings, at least if I wish to prosper online.

Be Honest

I was a slight bit agitated this morning. I admit it. Once I admitted my feelings from an honest space I let go the feelings and raised my vibe. In the past I resisted certain changes for years. Example; I developed my online business writing skills to the point where I could charge for my writing.

I could have offered my ghostwriting services many years ago. I resisted this change because I carried fears around being criticized for offering my services, to money issues, to all types of low energy blocks I needed to address before I could prosper.

I could have charged for my ghost writing services 3 years ago. My writing skills were so adept that I could have prospered through this approach but I refused to honestly assess why I did not open this income stream. I resisted the fears; the fears grew. I would rather force my income through 1 set, struggling channel than embrace change when change came knocking on my door.

Online Business Comfort

I know how feeling uncomfortable sucks at times. I have been there but I also know that you grow and prosper by embracing the feelings and doing it anyway.

This means doing whatever it takes to become successful with your online venture, even if it means staying up late, waking early, working until your fingers and neck hurt from typing, or simply engaging in uncomfortable acts, like being rejected after submitting guest posts to 50 bloggers, or the list can go on and on.

Embrace the feelings. Your mind will race. You will fight your better judgment. You will struggle. But in the end you will grow so quickly by embracing change and leaving your comfort zone that you will never wish to retreat to what feels comfy and safe again.


Embrace online business change.

 Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

1 Quick Tip to Get More Blog Post Clicks

You might feel under the gun at times. Example; now I am publishing guest posts before month end. I meet up with my dad a bit later to hang out and do some tech shopping before our trip. I will also chill with my folks most of today.

So no posting 6 times today between my 3 online business blogs. Oh well. Life intervenes. But I do not feel under the gun, even though I feel like doing more in less time, because I know my posts will get clicks. I have a secret weapon for you to use, it works tremendously well. But in order to use it, your mind must be in the right place.

You cannot be desperate, or hurried, or panicked, if you want to use the weapon wisely. This is all about adopting the proper mindset so you can see good advice and act on good advice, even when you feel your old, negative thought patterns creeping into your mind.


Imagine a solder holding a mini gun. This is his secret weapon of choice. If you have seen the movie "Predator" or any of the "Terminator" movies you know that a mini gun is a ridiculously powerful machine gun type weapon usually attached to a helicopter.

You can churn out so many rounds in such little time the gun can cut down forest like a machete. Anyway, if you use the gun from a desperate, worried, hurried place, the bullets fly all over the place. You miss your mark and make a big mess in the process.

Mission not accomplished. Same deal with this secret weapon. If you feel desperate when using the approach you will generate fewer online business blog clicks because your mind is not in the proper space. So take a deep breath, relax, and proceed.

Write Practical Titles

Think of what you most want; more blog post clicks, more money, more leads, more Facebook fans. Each practical goal is pretty much what the masses want. Build virtually all of your titles around these practical wants. Secret weapon for getting more clicks: write practical titles. The more practical the better because people want solutions.

Simple always works, but here is the problem; if I felt desperate now, or hurried, I misuse my secret weapon. I write a non-practical title, muck up the process and get less clicks. Then I feel the need to stay up late tonight to write another 3 blog posts because today's batch did so poorly. My fault. I should feel calm, confident, and relaxed, so I can churn out practical titles.

This feels challenging at times. Hey, I just realized I have only 30 minutes until I hit the road. Got the call now. But instead of rushing I slow down, calm down and focus on what matters post; creating a practical, complete, well written post, or creating no post at all.

Doing a good job makes your job much easier down the road, every single time. Remember this before you feel the urge to rush through the posting process. Let go desperate feelings, slow down, prosper mightily.


Get practical. Stop rushing around. Practical titles get more clicks every time.

Do you write practical titles?

 Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Why Should You Treat Your Blog Like CNN?

I like as I visit the site once daily for the latest news updates. I do not like following the news but I do enjoy getting up to date on things to see the latest and greatest trends in the world, and to gauge how these stories affect my home internet business.

Now if I visit and see 1 news story for the day, I will be stunned. The site is an industry resource. You absolutely, positively, cannot stand out in the news world if you are late on news, or if you publish old news. But if you are publishing new, usable content multiple times daily, well, you have yourself an industry resource. This is why you need to become a more prolific blogger.

It is obvious, right? Once you create helpful content multiple times daily you will make your blog like an industry resource, a news portal, and yes, the big money can flow in soon after, if not big opportunities leading to big money. Because most bloggers treat their blog, like a blog, not as an industry resource. These folks are not acting like entrepreneurs.

They are acting and thinking like bloggers so the forward-thinking, resource-creating bloggers will lap them.

Create a Resource

Create an industry resource. Stop blogging. Start publishing 2, 3 or 5 times daily - or more - to push yourself out of your comfort zone, to challenge yourself, and to create a prospering vehicle through which you can grow your home internet business.

Now if you are committed to some other niche I understand blogging 5 times daily is impossible but if you deem yourself to be a blogger, what is your end goal? To post once daily and network for 10 hours a day? This is like posting 1 news article daily and attempting to promote the article to hundreds of thousands of people.
It sounds silly for a news service but if you think about it, this approach is just as silly for as aspiring blogger. You want to create a massive, helpful, up to date resource, right? Why blog, if you do not want to create a resource?


Create and recruit. Be the inspiring person you most want to be, by writing 5 times or more daily, then recruit people to join you on your resource quest.

Open up guest blogging and recruit people to join your team. Each person can expand their presence quickly, build their brand and of course, you will be building up your resource. You can monetize through advertising or offering your writing services.

Simply take the time to write frequently daily, learning your niche inside out, and take on more guest writers, to create a resource, and of course, make the big bucks now, and down the road, through multiple income streams.

This is not easy folks. I admit that, but if you want to be remarkable, to be inspiring, and to be the envy of most other bloggers, you have to push yourself to big league limits, to see these fab results.


Treat your blog like an industry resource. You are an entrepreneur, not a blogger.

 Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your home internet business.

1 Quick Tip to Help You Become Popular on Facebook

Oatmeal. That is it. My first status update. I change up my Good Morning greeting because I feel oatmeal is more appropriate today. I eat raisin spice oatmeal as we speak. Shoprite brand. Tasty stuff. I wonder who they outsource to? Anyway if you want Facebook popularity and online business growth try changing things up.

Too many entrepreneurs send out update after update, link after link, and even if these updates are valuable, and inspiring, you miss the 1 ingredient in social media sauce that makes everything taste good. You miss the 1 element that makes you stand out from the crowd. You miss the 1 element that helps you become popular with your Facebook friends.

You miss the 1 element that helps you exhale, to take a deep breath, and to pull back from being a business person, whatever that means.

Be a Real Person

If I walk into your this second what do you say to me? You probably do not tell me that you have the best online business on the face of the earth. You probably do not entice me in for a fireside chat explaining how you can generate leads on Facebook.

You probably do not stress the importance of video to me. Nope. You say Hi, then chat with me about what you were doing - eating - oatmeal - then you ask me how I am, and I respond with some small talk.

Being a real person by updating Facebook with "Oatmeal" status updates, or saying Good Morning, or talking about your vacation, or your pets, endears you to people who like oatmeal, or who need to hear GM, or who have pets, and this is exactly where connections grow and when you begin to become more popular on the social network.

Providing the helpful posts is great; please, do it, but add real-life, casual, non-biz updates through the day to remind your friends that you are human and not some cyber online business bot. Some forget that people become most successful online, not content creators, or bloggers, or biz coaches. These personas cannot make a personable, human connection with people, but people can do so easily. How?

Chat Life

Chat about what happens outside of your online business. Talk movies. Talk books. Talk weather. Talk sports. Talk anything outside of business to connect with people on a personal level.

You will become more popular because you will strike a deeper emotional chord with individuals, far beyond the biz speak that you send out, because even passionate biz folk are generally as passionate - or more - about their family, or pets, or sports team.

Once you find that deeper emotional connection outside of business you just became more popular.


Chat life.

 Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

3 Tips to Help You Easily Glide out of Your Comfort Zone

Pushing yourself makes your job easier down the road. Now it might feel tough to grow your internet home business as you leave your comfort zone frequently but think about it; you will become a whiz in your niche and pad your bank account by pushing yourself more, now.

Put in the legwork. Glide out of your comfort zone. Easily.

Raise the Bar a Bit Each Day

I know tonight I will write this blog post because usually I take the night off, blog-post wise. So if I want to raise the bar and go a bit beyond I need to write the post. It takes me 12 minutes to do.

No massive jump, no quantum leap, no monstrous push to achieve something which feels ridiculously out of my league. Hey I am all for massive internet home business action but if you try to do too much at once you will experience overwhelm. Baby uncomfortable steps work pretty well.

Example, if I write 1 blog post weekly and try to write 10 blog posts today I will likely flip out, totally blown over by what seems quite impossible. But if I set a goal to write 1 blog post daily today, and 2 daily next week, I am slowly bumping up the bar. 1 note; no bullshitting yourself. You need to write 1 post daily to keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone daily.

Practice Sitting with Your Discomfort

Sit with your uncomfortable feelings to glide out of your comfort zone. I note how often I sit here and stare at the computer screen, agitated when trying to find blog post ideas...

OK, the old me felt this way as the new me can find ideas pretty quickly, without me getting agitated...but I still run into uncomfortable moments from time to time. Right now I feel a pull toward the basketball game but I know tonight is writing night and I need to push myself a bit farther to become a bit more successful online, so I write and push myself, and sit with my discomfort.

Sit with mental distress, physical discomfort, all that good stuff and you will feel more comfortable the following day when facing these feelings again. You grow through the pain and suffering.


Meditate helps you observe your mind as it really it. Meditating helps you release uncomfortable feelings quickly. Example; right now my body hurts and my mind races a bit, late at night, but I will write.

Before I meditated frequently I would honor these feelings and quit when I felt uncomfortable. Now I embrace the feelings and proceed, writing my post and growing my internet home business by moving out of my comfort zone more frequently.


Raise the bar. Sit with your discomfort. Meditate. What tips can you add?

Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your internet home business.

3 Tips to Help You Get the Job Done Now

I feel tired. My body hurts. This is Blog Post #4 today and I am feeling it. No complaints. Just observations of my feelings in the moment. No matter what I will get the job done. Rolling, rolling rolling, I am always because I follow these 3 tips daily.

 See the picture above? That is my life. Travel. Freedom. So I get the job done to do these fun things.

Be Present

I put off my blog post for approximately 10 minutes. Usually I post at the top of the hour. Temptation. I wanted to put off posting but know that posting hourly brings me success.

The strategy works so I must work it, right? Well, simply taking a deep breath and being present helps clear out all the mental garbage which prevents you from getting the job done. It just helped me. I mean, I actually dropped everything and wrote this post once I became fully present and focused on the moment.

This remains one of the easiest ways to prosper online but most home internet business never see it, and push forward, their minds worrying about the future or regretting the past. Mind your mind. Be present. Get the job done.

Slow Down

Mental hurry cripples even the most determined home internet business entrepreneurs. I know because this was me for a long, long time, and I still must discipline myself to slow down and get the job done when I feel anxious, worried, upset, or annoyed, and wish to bail on my duties.

I need to write 1 blog post this hour so, here we are! I slowed down my mind, became present, and now I slow down my writing, allowing prospering ideas to hit me, remember details - keyword-rich post, good title, etc - so I not only get the job done, I get it done from an effective, focused space.

Slow down all of your thoughts and movements to effectively focus your mind on the job you need to get done, then get working. Your job becomes easier once you move slowly and calmly, because your mind stops racing ahead and distracting you from the task at hand.

Remember Why

Why? Answer. Succeed. If you work you work for a reason. It has to be MUCH bigger than paying the bills to really get the job done because in the home internet business niche you must drive yourself beyond all types of difficult to embrace obstacles to see success.

Right now I feel drowsy. My fingers hurt. But I know why I want to work, as I almost nod off at the PC. Work is piling up but I embrace the responsibility, remain present and focus on the emotion of being free, which is the chief reason why I work to get the job done.

Once you have your inspiring factor in place you will simply never quit. You will never throw in the towel until you get the job done.


Be present. Slow down your mind. Remember why.

 Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your home internet business.

1 Reason Why You Can Accelerate Your Online Business Success Quickly

I want back in on Triberr. My blog was pulled due to me not fitting the TB profile which is cool. I get it. But I started this new blog a few weeks back and tailored to their wants, and needs. I am not worrying if I get back in or not - although it would be nice - but I took the 1 critical step to get things going.

 This is key. This is important. This is the reason why I accelerate my online success daily. And quickly. I know you might be afraid to do this but I swear, unless you get over this fear people will run from you. People will take off whenever you wish to connect with them concerning biz talk. People send your fear on a subconscious level and decide to stay away because hey, you are repelled by a scared, non confident person.

You Are Not Afraid to Ask

That is it. That is why you succeed quickly online. You do not fear asking. For anything. I did not fear asking Triberr if I can get back in with a blog which fits their vision.

I admit though I messed around a little bit at first, attempting to talk myself out of this. I thought they would reject me, and tell me my blog was not in line with their rules, and all types of thoughts flowed through my mind but I said the heck with it, kicked out the thoughts, revamped my blog and boldly asked them if I could get back in. I feared in the beginning then killed the fear and asked to get back into the tribe with confidence.

Only good can come out of this situation because I made a bold, confident move which built my confidence. Asking applies to any one of a billion online business opportunities, whether you ask someone to join your team, or ask a blogger if you can submit a guest post to their blog, or ask people to submit guest posts to your blog. The problem? Too many people are terrified to ask these things or to ask for help in any endeavor.

The Online Kiss of Death

Once you stop asking for help you fail. There is no person who can do it on their own. I tried. Does not work. To accelerate your online business success condition yourself to ask others for assistance, or ask others to join their clubs, or ask people to join your team, or ask to submit guest posts, or ask to do anything leading to your growth.

Ask, to get over the fear of rejection. Ask, to get over the fear of criticism. Once you ask without hesitating you have uncovered the great secret of online fearlessness, which propels you into the online stratosphere as you move into higher circles. Just keep asking and pay zero attention to rejection and see opportunities at every turn.



 Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business.

Monday, May 27, 2013

How to Deal with Harsh Critics Online

Oh yes, it will happen. As you grow online expect to run into a ton of harsh critics. They will come as you grow your home internet business.

No worries though because in no time you can learn and master the great skill I have developed quite a bit recently. Of course I had to learn the hard way, just like many online entrepreneurs, but by learning some tough lessons over a sustained period of time I finally embraced the fact that critics are no big deal. Just unhappy people offering their opinion. Now when I say "critic" I do not mean someone who criticizes you from a helpful place, or who offers a blunt, sometimes low energy opinion. These folks are OK. If you feel angry about their feedback you have the problem because you need to be open to different opinions of your work.

By "critic" I mean people who call you gay, or a jerkoff, or who curse you out. I mean unhappy people - who some might call sick but I know better - who simply try to unload their unhappiness on you. I learned a LONG time ago from a wise trucker, back when I was a security guard working in a shipping terminal, that you never engage a charging bull, meaning that you ignore someone who is angry, or unhappy.


Someone might loft an angry line your way. You spent 3 seconds reading the hateful, hurtful message. Never spend more than 1 second responding. Ignore the individual. They have their own stuff to deal with; you are not a savior, you are a mentor, helping people who want to be helped. So if you run into an unhappy person never engage them. Just block them and move on.

Billions of other people to meet. This is the most compassionate thing you can do as people need to learn how to interact with others, and big boys or big girls do not act like this. Maybe this person had a bad day. Sorry, my seconds are precious. Maybe they are depressed. Well, this will certainly be the wake up call they need, being ignored, because they soon realize that you must learn how to deal with your feelings to successful interact with others. I was depressed, and I was angry, and suicidal at one time in my life.

Nature never spared me the rod, but I took my beating like a champion, got help, helped myself, and soon learned that happy people all go through hell at one time, they just learned how to deal with their feelings effectively.

If You.... a home internet business you are not a savior, you are a mentor. Ignore critics. Ignore unhappy people. No more than 1 second. This is how I maintain peace of mind and a cheerful, sunny demeanor, despite encountering the same folks you encounter.

I do not deal with them. I release them immediately and ignore them. I ignore them again, and again, and they go away for good, and usually, they heal, and some might even return later and thank me. I did nothing for them except ignoring them, releasing them, and letting them figure out that unloading on others is not the way to become an online business success.


Ignore nasty critics. Let them disappear. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your home internet business.

1 Reason Why You Quickly Boost Page Views

I spent a few seconds reading a blog post just a minute ago. I was met by 2 pop ups. Not 1. 2. Not good, because I want to read your helpful content to solve my problem, and if I spend 1, 2 or 3 seconds dealing with pop ups then hey, I am not solving my problem, I am busy closing your pop ups. I think pop ups work very well if you use 1 pop up. But 2 is a bit much. Because once I am too busy to get my problems solved on your home based business opportunity blog I head to another blog. Make it easy to read and digest your content quickly. I used pop ups in the past but with my current emphasis on generating ad revenue I want people to read my content quickly, find value, solve their problems and then take the next step; click something. Doing this helps me prosper while I prosper these folks by solving their problems quickly.

Make It Easy to Read

This boosts your page views fast. Cut out barriers to reading. Somebody arrives on your blog. They read your latest blog post. They wish to learn more about your home based business opportunity. Clicks. Good things happen. But if somebody arrives on your blog and has to X out all types of windows or do other stuff to read your content you are making your blog tough to read. This is bad news, and Google tends to side with me on this one. You are a great, grand problem solver. People visit your blog to solve some problem. They want to make money, or get more leads, or laugh, or become inspired. Any problem they want solved, you should solve it as quickly as possible if you want to boost your page views. So stop adding barriers to content, including multiple pop ups. 1 is OK, but that may be pushing it. Test. For me, well, I saw few opt ins so I scrapped them. Now I focus on solving problems, improving my writing skills and generating ad revenue because the goals support a more sustainable, long term income generating model, for me, at least. You find your goals, test, and then you find out what works for you.

Letting Go

Here is the fun part; when you need to let go, pulling your pop ups, you might fight yourself. You feel terrified over all the list subscribers you are missing out on. So you keep the pop up. But then you know you want more page views, and you want to keep people on your site for better search engine rank....back and forth, the dance continues, until you make it all about your readers, and solving their problems, then you make the choice to create a quick, easy, helpful solution for your home based business opportunity readers. For me, simply cutting barriers to content works best. What about yourself? Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your home based business opportunity.

1 Tool Which Quickly Promotes Your Online Business Success

I thought back to a serious shift in my online business dealings. I used 1 tool more intelligently. This tool might confuse you because most of you use it each day. Too many times in my opinion. But if you reduce usage and focus on other ventures you can accelerate your cash flow quickly. I learned to use the tool once each week - on 1 platform - and noted an instant surge in my online cash flow. I used to use the tool daily but lo and behold, using the tool once weekly made me a happier, healthier and wealthier entrepreneur. What is the tool?


Here is my story. I checked my gmail account once daily for about 4 years. I would email or call back each person who opted in to my website. I gauged my entire success or failure on the number of opt ins I received from my website. So I saw like 3 opt ins the day was a failure. If I saw 10 the day was a success. If the day was a failure I obsessed over ways to get more opt ins. I tried to blog more, share more, tweak my squeeze page or do like 30 other things, totally ignoring the multitude of opportunities around me. I ignored channels of abundance. I spent my entire day trying to get more opt ins, trying to figure out how to generate more leads, and I became more broke in the process. I did not cash in on my writing skills, or on advertisement revenue though my blogs. No. I used email ineffectively, totally obsessing over opt in numbers, trying to get more opt ins, and I ignored other money making channels which would help me become more wealthy. I then made a change a few months ago which promoted my online success.

I Checked Email Once Weekly

I used the tool known as email effectively about 1 month ago. I began seeing more online success, generating cash through multiple channels, but my success went into overdrive when I checked my gmail account, where I received opt ins, once weekly. I noticed a quick shift; I became less attached to daily fluctuations in opt ins and more focused on how I could market my talents to make money online. The shift was sudden, far from subtle. I created more. I competed less. I felt like an energy load had been lifted off of my back. I relaxed. I thought of other prospering opportunities, and began writing more paid guest posts, and received more leads for my ghostwriting services, and saw other spectacular opportunities pop up in front of my eyes, because my primary intent shifted from trying to get as many opt ins as possible in a day to using my talents to help others and prosper. The shift occurred when I dissolved my wicked email attachment by checking my gmail once weekly.


Check your less pressing email once weekly if you want to expand your prosperity consciousness and grow your online business wealth channels quickly. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

3 Reasons Why People Join Your Online Business

I read a post on Facebook Groups a few minutes ago promising instant payments. Maybe so....but probably not. If you do receive instant payments you are looking at $5, $10 or maybe $20, and even that is pushing it. People tend to desire more prospering, honest and higher energy these opportunities are looked over. At least by folks who want to make more than $20 a day! Being honest and authentic in your dealings is a great way to increase your sign up rate.

You Are Honest

Being honest makes you stand out from the crowd. Most people want to be honest but start lying when it comes time to share results, or when making income claims, or when doing anything related to money, because most people are desperate to make money. Once you decide to let go outcomes you can more easily influence people to join your online business because you will tell the truth. Once you tell the truth people sense it, and join your team quickly. Everybody wants a straight shooter. So just tell the truth, and help people....oh wait a sec, that is the 2nd reason sorry about that.....

You Are Helpful

Helping people helps you. Why? You naturally attract yourself to individuals who are more likely to need your help. Helping people by creating valuable online business blog posts and videos and by promoting their blog posts and leaving valuable comments on their blogs increase the likelihood that you will readily attract team members. It is like an audition or sorts, if you think this through. Sowing precedes reaping. Helping precedes getting paid. If you are keen to influencing people stop making empty promises. Stop shoving opportunities down people's throats and begin assisting individuals whenever you can to prosper. Also, cut those strings. Successful entrepreneurs help and detach from outcomes. Once you charge for your services - after you develop your skills - then buying or paying customers will show up in droves due to all of the big league karma you generated on a persistent basis.

You Are Persistent

Persistent people rock and persistent online business entrepreneurs have no issues attracting a prospering, high energy team. People join your business if you show up more than the average person. Many home based entrepreneurs give up after a few days or weeks, putting their ads or blog posts in mothballs. Almost all of my success sprouts from my dogged persistence. Example; I posted my ghostwriting advertisement for weeks, before I received any bites. Then each post received 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Likes on Facebook, because I persisted through resistance. Keep at it and folks become programmed by your persistent, consistent message.


Tell the truth, be helpful and persist like heck to grow your biz. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business.

How Can You Drive More Blog Traffic Quickly?

This question rests on the minds of virtually all bloggers. You might be in a rush to drive traffic but hey, some days your traffic might drop. That was yesterday for me and for many bloggers out there as folks tend to take off Saturdays in this niche; well at least most folks. I deviate from the stats because I choose to blog daily because I choose to live an exceptional life, a life which requires me to do an exceptional amount of work. If you are willing to do 1 thing you can drive online business blog traffic fast. If not you are in trouble. The old me would look at yesterday's drop in traffic and flip out. The fall was not even substantial, but I carried many attachments to appearances and outcomes which all but sabotaged my efforts. I would go into a funk. I would flip, getting angry or upset, feeling that my 12 hour's worth of writing was a big waste of time. When I learned to face, embrace and release these feelings, to get back on purpose, a cool thing happened; I drove more traffic pronto. The key resided in creating content despite what outcomes suggested. This means not quitting or pulling back if the results you see might be a little disappointing.


Through deep, disciplined meditation I learned this; when I did not reach certain goals in a set amount of time I quit on my system. I became frustrated, angry, rageful and upset, and I attached to money outcomes, and when I made little or no money after a day or week, I flipped out, and became desperate and panicked and bailed on my system, and naturally, I did not drive blog traffic because I cut back on my blogging activities. I went into a shell. I would go into a real funk, for days at a time or for weeks at a time. If I checked my blog traffic and I noted another drop I became angrier and pulled back even more. My traffic did not increase because I stopped doing what worked, even if it meant my traffic pulled back for a day or 2. If you see through these periods you generate more online business blog traffic fast. Find a mechanism to alert you to your low energy feelings which usually lead to a meltdown. For me, meditation is far and away the best tool because you see your thoughts and feelings in the light of truth. You see what really happens when events happen, and how you respond or react to these events, and when you are observing the truth unfolding you can drink a big ole cup of truth serum, which frees you. Because at this point you can return to doing what works and leave behind what does not work and you will see the progress you dream of, on an almost daily basis.


Do not bail on a proven strategy after 1 or 2 days of your blog traffic pulling back. If you are creating online business content and making strong connections you cannot help but to see tremendous dividends down the road. You will even see them in the present if you are willing to detach from outcomes and stick to your strategy. If you tend to flip try meditation to face, embrace and release your anger in the present moment so you can continue with what works. Do you increase your blog traffic daily? What tips can you add? Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Why Should You Use Video?

People tend to trust what people see. People tend to trust people whom they see. People tend to feel the power of your message if you speak directly to individuals by video. People tend to know and like people they come to trust, and once people trust in you, expect to make a serious chunk of change online. Video marketing is the wave of the present and future because people are hungry to make more intimate, powerful connections with internet home business mentors online. But using video means you have to master your video creation skills. It means getting super uncomfortable by getting in front of the camera to churn out helpful usable content for your target market.

Nap Down Now...

...onto the rest of this post. Another piece of internet home business advice; naps rock. Anyway, you should use video because employing the creative medium helps you make an instant connection with your target audience. I spent the last 15 minutes before taking my nap sifting through a compilation of slam dunk videos on the Huffington Post, via youtube of course. The amazing power in video is easily seen; you simply can devour and digest video content more quickly because hey, you are a creature who lives through the senses. Blog posts rock but creating helpful, entertaining and eye catching videos makes your job infinitely easier because you tap into that basic, primal urge felt by most people....yes you want your content NOW and you want your content in a pretty, easy to open package, and video provides that easy to open, visually-appealing packaging better than any other form of online content. So start creating videos to make a connection, and appeal to your reader's senses, because you are a being who lives through your senses.

Quick to Upload

I can create and upload videos within minutes if not....well, I hate to say seconds, but considering that I can create an upload a video within 5 minutes this boast is not too far fetched. I practiced creating internet home business content at this quick clip but I also know that creating and uploading video saves you a ton of time compared to creating and publishing blog posts. Now the zillion dollar question; why do I create so many blog posts? Well it turns out you can generate a ton more ad revenue creating text based content versus video content, at least from my tests, so I sway toward creating text and complementing with video here and there. Videos are however super quick content tools so if you are short on time and need to create some helpful, usable, content, create and upload an interesting video to churn out your latest blog post in a pinch.


OK guys, create those videos to increase your trust factor and make stronger connections with your target audience. Do you use videos? Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your internet home business.

Do You Spot Patterns Quickly?

I hopped on Google Plus the past hour and noted something cool; 11 people from a sharing group Plussed my latest blog post. Good money. I will be returning like now to Plus my buddies' stuff because this active sharing community expands my presence quickly. I would share content anyway, helping out my fellow internet home business entrepreneurs, but since these individuals activity and quickly share my content I will be quick to check in at this spot first thing each morning....or at least first thing, when I get down to my social sharing. Fools miss patterns. Fools fail. Successful people analyze their work and spot patterns quickly, repeating acts which lead to success to duplicate their success. Why do few people spot successful patterns? Most people are in such an insane rush through the day, forcing, pushing and trying to get ahead of the next guy, that they totally miss patterns, because they have zero mindfulness. If I did not meditate daily I probably miss this pattern because I am worried about stuff which does not grow my biz. This was me, for many years. I admit it. I lacked mindfulness so I rarely spotted patterns which expanded my internet home business presence and promoted my success. Lesson learned, although I had to learn it the hard way.

Pattern Spotting 101

Slow down your actions. Watch why you are doing what you are doing to identify and spot patterns which might be helping you or hurting you. I write this blog post now but feel the urge to network arise from within my being. Since I am acting slowly I allow this urge to arise and fade away, since writing 1-2 blog posts hourly is the 1 success pattern I can never, ever ignore, and if I am acting quickly and mindlessly, I ignore this pattern, and spend precious minutes or even hours going on a wild social sharing spree, instead of writing my blog posts first and then moving on to the social sharing portion of my day. Acting slowly really is the foundation upon which you can build pattern spotting 101 for once you are acting slowly, calmly and confidently you can assess what you are doing, why you are doing it and whether or not these acts promote your success. Easy? Yes, but uncomfortable at times because you begin to see all the whacky, screwy thought patterns and uncomfortable feelings which arise in your mind on an hourly basis. Be present. Allow these feelings to arise and then fade away, to succeed with your internet home business.

Quick Spotting then Acting

If you spot a pattern without acting on the pattern you fail. I can see the Google Sharing group, spot the pattern of aggressive sharing but if I never return to share people's stuff I see no success from spotting the pattern. Same deal with posting 1 to 2 times hourly. I know this action yields success but if I ignore the act and bail on this post now and write my next post 4 hours from now I will fail, or at the very least I will not see quick success, like I see when I post 1 to 2 times hourly.


Practice spotting patterns quickly then act immediately on these patterns to promote your successful immediately. Are you adept at spotting success patterns? How do you spot patterns? Please share your comment below. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your internet home business.

Do You Invest in Your Investments?

I read a Facebook post discussing the importance of live online business events. Super key of course, but then I delved a little bit deeper and thought about how many people see a return on these investments. Virtually none. OK maybe a select few people see returns but most people fail despite attending live events because the crowd never puts their knowledge into action persistently. They do not move into massive, driven, inspired action on an hourly basis. I never attended a live event but I write 10 to 15 posts or articles each day I live. This means I succeed and make more money online each month. This means I did not even have to "invest in myself" yet I see tremendous returns. This means I am not failing. This means I did not need to waste thousands of dollars to receive some type of advice which I ignored. You see events do rock if you follow the advice presented at the event and carry that positive event energy with you each hour of each day. Most people never do this, feeling high energy for a few hours or days after the event, then throwing in the towel after a few days, or weeks.

Your Are the Secret

I can see you want the secret to online success. It is you. It has always been you and will always be you because you are the person who decides what acts to move into. You are the person who engages in freeing but uncomfortable acts to become financially free. You are the person who works every day to make your dreams come true. A live event, or an online program or some other investment can provide you with a spark but you fan the flames with your own imagination, will power and vision, so the investment is not so much an investment, as a little spark. Or big spark, because you choose to perceive the event or product in whatever manner you choose to see it. Online business success follows the determined person and this person need not invest to become determined, although most people see immense benefits from investing in programs. Just make sure you follow up the investment by investing deeper in yourself, by taking the time to follow the advice you receive in the program to become a rousing success. The action part is what separates the rah-rah types from the winners.


I have offered the free advice for many months now that posting multiple times daily boosts your opt ins, powers up your brand and improves your writing skills quickly. This advice was 100% free, save the few minutes you needed to spend reading these words, but unless you invest your time and energy in following the advice your time spent reading the words is worthless. You need to act on these words, posting multiple times daily, to see any type of benefit, and in the case of big ticket programs or events you attended, you need to act immediately on the advice you receive or else you are not investing in your investment and you are wasting your money and you are doomed to fail. Does this sound harsh? You bet it does. But it it true.


Act on the advice you are offered. Do you invest in your investments? Do you act on good advice? Please share your comments below. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Are You Working Your Online Business to Pay the Bills?

Next week I am off again to some new exotic locale. Details soon ;) I do not work to pay bills. I work to expand my online business but most of all I work to be free. I note this now because I just came across a post on Facebook Groups where an individual promised $1 to $5 per....I know not, really. But it was the type of deal where you can expect $5 to $20 daily. If you live in the Western world you cannot get by on $20 daily, heck, even if you live in the Far East this is pushing it, as I lived in Southeast Asia for nearly 2 years. The point is this; many people expect to make this amount of money online, which does not even cover your bills. Many more people expect to make enough money to pay the bills, which of course will never pay for your dream vacation, or car. A select few individuals expect big money and do what it takes - work wise - to make that money, and they live a dream, charmed life because they made it happen. You get what you expect. Are you selling yourself short?

My Reality Check

I formerly expected little things out of life. So I received little, online business wise. I talked a big game but my expectations were poor which led to me moving into poor, fear-filled acts which brought me poor results. When I ramped up the expectations I generated inspirational ideas, acted on these ideas and lo and behold! I actually began to see more money flow into my life. I paid the bills and had some money to spare. I began to travel the world. I made my dreams come true because I started to expect truly awesome, life-changing events to transpire and sure enough, they did. All of this happened because I changed my expectations. I aligned myself to experience astounding things. But I needed to suffer my reality check. I needed to stop writing articles for $5, I needed to have that opportunity to close up on me and I needed to push myself to do stuff that I cared not doing at first, to generate more cash online and to then free myself up to pursue other online business ventures as more cash rolled into my life.

Ego Sting

By being honest with yourself you might feel the good old stinging of ego, as you open yourself up to see your thoughts, feeling and actions in the light of truth. I stubbornly held onto old prospering - or not so prospering - channels in the past, to make way for new, prospering channels. I needed to feel the sting and get POed enough where I could be honest with myself. I did not even expect to pay the bills, I expected to make peanuts. Once I raised the level of my expectation by about 10 tax brackets I began to generate prospering ideas and more prospering opportunities right in front of my eyes. But I needed to manually change my expectations before my ideas, feelings and actions changed on a persistent basis.


Expect more. You deserve it. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business.

How Can You Write 3 Five Hundred Word Blog Posts in 1 Hour?

OK I just did it. Now I need to share my home internet business tips with you because sharing is caring, right? By the time I complete this post I will have churned out 3 blog posts during this hour - 50 minutes really - with each post reaching 500 words. I know this sounds nuts but if you focus on a goal you reach the goal. This becomes easier, and easier and easier, to churn out helpful, relevant content, if you commit to doing something spectacular. I admit this sounded nuts to me, not a few months ago, when I created 1 post daily and patted myself on the back for a job well done. Well, The Onion, and The Huffington Post, and Mashable, do not path themselves on the back after publishing 1 post daily, and since I am gunning for the best blogs on earth - why the hell else are you in the game unless you aim to be the best????? - I gotta do as they do.

Slow Down

This 1 idea handcuffs most bloggers but if you think it through then apply the idea you will see why it works. When you acts from a calm, peaceful, slow place, you can publish a 500 word blog posts within 9 to 11 minutes, easily. The ideas flow from your mind to keyword with minimal effort and you can create and publish without the hurried, panicked feelings stopping most bloggers from creating 1 home internet business blog post each day. Keep writing from a relaxed, calm and confident place, never moving your focus to anything outside of writing, and you will naturally churn out content at a quick, focused clip. This 1 technique of slowing down and allowing ideas to flow through you changes your life instantly. You will no longer worry, fret, or experience writer's block. Oh no, you are golden now.

Shut It Down

Do nothing except writing or publishing that hour. Commit to writing 3 blog posts and only do stuff that leads to that end, meaning you should have a Word doc open. Then after you complete the post you can paste in the backoffice and publish. But if you want to really save time you better write directly into your backoffice because seconds count in this game. Simply say to yourself you will write 3 posts and do NOTHING else like social sharing or networking or staring out of the window or sitting there and complaining about having no ideas because each second delay holds you back and stifles your creativity.


I meditate for 30 minutes each morning to clear my mind. Once you clear your mind of ideas like "I cannot write that much what is he crazy he must be lucky I do not have that talent" and all other sorts of bullshit which keep you average, you can easily create 5, 10 or 20 blog posts daily, easy, peasy. Honesty. You just need to sit through the mental and physical torture which arises at times when meditating. It is not easy until it becomes easy and then it becomes hard again and this is what meditating is all about; observing it all and letting go. Try it and watch how quickly you can churn out posts and grow your venture.


Slow down. Do 1 thing. Meditate. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your home internet business.

Where Do You Look for Online Business Tips?

Before you trust the advice check the source. If you are searching for online business tips ensure your mentor - or prospective mentor - knows this niche inside out. You might receive promises, and empty, inflated claims, but unless your coach talks the talk and walks the walk run to the next prospective mentor. I often see struggling entrepreneurs receive bad advice; LinkedIn provides me with plenty of ammunition for this argument. People tend to spam me non stop through the message feature of LinkedIn, each person looking for me to join their home based business opportunity. This approach is like somebody walking into my home for the first time and slamming a business card into my hand, demanding me to take a look at their venture before they introduce themselves to me. This approach alienates more people than you can dream of.

Fools Leading Fools

The people using this approach are either going it on their own or in many cases learning this approach from failing, ignorant mentors. Online business tips like spamming people with your opportunity, or chasing everybody under the sun, or sending unsolicited messages to strangers, are indicative of a failing, struggling online entrepreneur, both the person using the tip and the person who teaches these old skool, low energy, failing strategies. Before you trust the advice of some prospective coach how about checking their level of success? Even better, observe the top people in your niche. If your coach teaches the same strategies, like say, using attraction marketing principles, then you are in good hands, because even if your coach is yet to become a millionaire you are well on your way to prospering. Observe how your coach builds their day. If the individual creates value and makes friends by helping other people you are likely picking a winner.

Never Panic

Most online entrepreneurs proceed from a place of panic, from a space of quiet desperation, ensuring they will receive terrible online business tips and achieve terrible results. Slow down. Breathe slowly. Breathe deeply. If you can slow down your mind and movements you instantly feel calm, confident and at peace. Once you change your vibe you will naturally attract the ideas, people and circumstances to make your dreams come true. You will prosper accordingly because you are feeling like a successful person, and successful people attract success. Simple approach here.


Check the source before you trust someone's online business tips. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Do You Get Angry When People Desperately Bug You?

Your fault. Sorry, it is ALL your online business fault if you allow desperate people to bother you. Ignore them. Let them go. They will have to deal with their emergencies, their desperation, their lower energies on their own. The worst thing you can do is to respond quickly because you literally train these folks to treat you like a waiter, where you serve individuals immediately, running around based on their whims, needs and desires. I receive social requests, guest post requests and all manner of interactions each day and note certain feelings arise from within me, when I see a desperate person who does something like post a PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH ME NOW comment on an irrelevant status update.

Annoyed or Angry

I used to feel annoyed or angry in dealing with a desperate person who bugged me endlessly, and I need to guard against this feeling , even now, but I have become more adept at ignoring these people. Have you read "The 4 Hour Work Week"? Please do, as Tim Ferris shares spot on advice concerning these people; ignore them. Emergencies work themselves out when you entirely ignore these desperate people. The trick lies in getting so busy with serious, successful people, who would never desperately cling to you, that you forget about these desperate folks and ignoring them becomes a piece of cake. Really, try it.

You Train People.... respond to you. If you rush around to respond quickly you are doomed to online business failure, because every person you come across will be a demanding, impatient baby, expecting you to wait on them hand and foot. You must be respectful of your time in order to teach people to respect your time. Believe in yourself, and your offering, and have confidence in yourself, so that you can completely ignore pushy, desperate and impatient individuals. These folks soon learn the secret of success; ignoring what needs to be ignored so you can pay strict attention to pressing, important activities, now. Desperate, impatient people need to be ignored so they quickly learn that these silly tactics only hurt them, now, and in the long run, when they completely alienate themselves from driven, focused online business pros who simply ignore them, for good.


You train people to respond to you. If somebody bugs you, through email, or on the phone, ignore them. Ignore all non-essential acts and people to detach from business outcomes and learn the art of being ignorant, when it counts. This simple act will free up your time and energy like you would never believe. Trust me! I have tried it. I check opt in emails once weekly and refer people to FAQ, and ignore all desperate requests entirely, and people literally disappear for good, or learn to act like a successful adult, who respects to your, and in either case, the annoyance disappears :) Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business.

How Can You Develop Good Online Business Luck?

I read a funny post about luck recently on a Facebook Group. Online business 101 here. Many successful people talk about being lucky or being in the right spot at the right time. This is not entirely true, really, because having good luck is kind of tough to achieve in a Universe of cause of effect. You put out a vibe and receive a return vibe. Think through the idea of karma to better understand the concept of luck, or I should say the false concept of luck. Everybody receives what they set themselves up to receive each moment of each day. Now, the aligning often happens on a deeper, subconscious level, so sometimes we see stuff happen, stuff we believe people do not deserve to experience - in both positive and negative instances - and our foolish ego blames the situation on dumb luck, but again, your ego is foolish, and faulty, and sees things through dark, dank and error-filled filters. I mean, how could I snap the above image in Phuket? Did I reach that tropical paradise by luck? So stop trusting your ego, stop trusting luck and develop good online business karma by doing these few things each day.

Detach from Appearances

This might be the most difficult thing you do as a home biz entrepreneur. Detaching means not caring how many page views you receive or opt ins you generate or how much money you make each day. You can observe these numbers and develop more effective plans to raise these numbers but detaching means you look at an outcome with a light, calm air, so you are never upset over an outcome which might not necessarily vibe with your vision. Detaching requires you to meditate frequently to become more aware of your feelings. Once you identify attached, worried emotions around an outcomes you can release these emotions. Express devout gratitude for where you are and all that you are blessed with. This practice helps you feel happy, full, and contented, so you worry not about any particular outcomes in your life. Once you detach your "luck" improves immediately.

Create Persistently

Wise men quote that the harder they work the luckier they become. I take this one a bit beyond; the more intelligent and persistently you work the easier your job becomes and the more success you see. I used to work like a fool, rushing through my creations, pushing harder, panicking, getting upset, putting out shoddy work, and my luck did not increase at all. Hard work sucks, because much hard work is mindlessly executed. Smart work is a different story. Slow down, work intelligently, and persistently, and things will line up for your online business quickly.


Detach from appearances by meditating frequently and expressing gratitude over all the blessings you receive each and every day. Once you detach from more outcomes you align yourself with your goals. Create intelligently and persistently to line things up more easily; your goals make a beeline for you if you can act smartly day after day, while most people act unintelligently, and with no persistence. Increase your "luck" today. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How to Generate 3,670 Page Views During the First 14 days of Your Blog

The proof rests above. Go ahead, look up. I cut and pasted the date from my blogger backoffice. On May 7 I had zero page views here because....well....this blog did not exist. Then I created the idea, started posted on May 8th and here I sit on May 22, with 3,670 page views. How did I do it? I committed to succeeding. I set the intent to aggressively begin creating and promoting the stuffing out of this blog to generate page views, spread my brand and generate Adsense revenue. I also wanted to push myself into uncomfortable, new, growing situations by writing more posts and promoting more aggressively than I ever have. Here we are at a little before 8 PM, at a time in the past when I would normally be resting for the night. Well, I am not about that at this point in my internet home business career.

Create Like the Blazes

I post 2 to 4 times on this blog daily, no exceptions. Posting aggressively drives a serious amount of traffic to your blog, quickly. I do have a large network to promote to but hey, you guys know the drill; many of your network never promotes a post, let alone checks out each and every post you write. A big-time portion of these 3670 page views over the past 14 days consists of me creating like a beast each day. I also suggest targeting each and every piece of content to boost page views and Adsense revenue. Create, and create some more, and you will never have to compete with anybody, ever again.

Promote the Stuffing out of Your Content

I use this term frequently to stress how much you must promote yourself to generate page views quickly. As an internet home business newbie I made the horrible mistake of not networking, then as a more experienced entrepreneur I made the horrible mistake of never promoting myself, and now as I gain significant experience I realize that you must promote yourself aggressively for people to see that yes, you believe in yourself, and your offering, and you will see more and more page views as you promote yourself each hour of each day. Push yourself and your content to boost your page views.

Keep at it Daily

Imagine if I posted once per week? LOL....this is why I tell you that, unless you are a celebrity, you damn well better write at least 1 post daily because hey, I am your competition, and if I generate 3600 views in my first 14 days of this blog then you are not gonna generate much interest if you generate 400, 800 or 1000 views during the same time frame. You must remember that there are hungry dogs out there who are getting after it and in order to succeed you must be hungry, too. Post daily. Post multiple times daily if you really want to grow your internet home business quickly.


Post a ton. Promote your content. Keep at it daily. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your internet home business. - Image courtesy of blogger

Why You Make No Money and How to Fix It

I am being serenaded by members of a LinkedIn Group. Wow. Pretty tough approach here, because I see the person selling home based business opportunity. When I say "the person" I mean it, because when you sell an opportunity, and not yourself, you will naturally become forgettable, just another face, and a nameless one at that, who I never get to know, or trust, or care about, because they are offering me an opportunity when the pros offer me, THEM. Yep, they are people, real people, who share their struggles and victories. These folks sell themselves and this is why they make money while the opportunity sellers make no money. I see this failing, lack and limitation, I am afraid to sell me, type mindset prevalent among people who make little dough online.

Is This Easy?

Selling yourself? Yes, but it feels so uncomfortable at first, because you are forced to analyze your lack of confidence, your lack of self worth, your laziness, all the low energy aspects of your current personality, before you decide to move forward and sell yourself. You need not become some sort of home based business opportunity celebrity but you do need to sell yourself, to share your grandest successes, and your worst failures, for people to make an emotional bond with you. Once people trust you, they trust what you say, or the advice that you offer. Once you trust someone's advice you are far more likely to join their opp, and there you are, you just made more money. See how it works? People trust you because you sell you, then what you say is gold. If you sell an opportunity you are screwed, because people do not trust the source, who comes off as a shill.

Guys I Have Seen this First Hand

People make hundreds of dollars over the course of 2 or 3 years and still insist on selling a home based business opportunity, instead of selling themselves. People who say they hate using social media, or they are too lazy to blog. It is like the person who cannot be bothered with even picking up a paycheck; they wish to have money deposited directly into their bank account with zero effort. It is laughable, and if these individuals were to realize the error in their ways, they would be laughing all the way to the bank as they chose to sell themselves instead of some opportunity. Because people will not trust an opportunity until they trust the person promoting the opportunity. People will send you money or buy your product or service once you share your self, your story, and help individuals, because once you sell you, and brand you, your words are good money.


Sell you. Make money. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your home based business opportunity. - Image

3 Tips to Quickly Make Your Copy Enticing

Do you like crystal blue waters? Of course you do. I think so at least, unless you hate the tropics. Few hate the tropics. I mean, if you want to grow your online business you need to make your copy enticing. I took the photo above while vacationing in Phuket, Thailand. I also post a video of myself on my squeeze page gabbing away in front of crystal blue waters. People who like my ad copy click, watch the video and a fair number join my email list. More opt ins and more prospering of course. All because I crafted enticing, appealing copy. This is an art form, folks, so study your craft, work on your skills and you too can draw in prospects with ease as your copy becomes more compelling.

Colorful Adjectives

Using colorful adjectives like "crystal blue" makes people see your image that much more easily. Your job is to make your online business prospect's job easier. You see in pictures. We all see in pictures. Nobody is immune from this basic fact of life so if you can make it effortless for someone to see your picture then you will receive more clicks. I could say tropical waters, or the sea, but I decided to add a few colorful adjectives to the equation, to make my copy much more enticing and intriguing. This simple step does the mental legwork which prospects really dig on a deeper level. The crowd sees the waters, feels the imagery, and yep, you get 1 more click.

Feel Your Way

Feel your way through your copy. Like, as you write, slow down. Take a deep breath. See if your words evoke an emotional reaction. I am guilty like the next guy or gal; I rush through the day sometimes, churning out content but rarely taking a moment to discern whether or not I am making an impact. Can people feel my words? Does my copy elicit an emotional reaction? When I write slowly and feelingly, the answer is a resounding YES. The key lies in writing word by word, and slowing down your acts. You can still write with enthusiasm coming from a mindful, present place. How? Slow down. Calm down. Smile. You might write a few less blog posts but each blog post you write skyrockets your page views and generates you more online business leads. That is the goal, right?


Practice makes better in any endeavor. Practice more to see better results. Example; today, I am being extra mindful of slowing down and making an impact with my copy, right now, with this post. I reached this point by practicing, by writing multiple times daily, and by mindfully poring over my work. I write and publish of course but if I can be present during writing I see where I make an impact and where I do not. Practicing led me to this place. Write as much as possible each day. 1, 4, 10 posts, whatever you can churn out in a 24 hour period. Your skills improve quickly if you practice persistently.


Use colorful adjectives. Feel your way through your copy. Practice. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Is Nasty Jealously Derailing Your Home Based Business Opportunity?

You might be blocking your online success in a nasty way. A really nasty way. I know because I was that guy. I was a jealous, envious home based business opportunity entrepreneur. I hated when people succeeded. I fought against folks who rocked it out online, being jealous of their success but claiming that the individuals were simply clueless, or annoying, or spammers, or any type of low energy barb I could loft against these successful, driven and focused individuals who made more money than me. That is it; it all came down to dollars and cents. I hated these folks because I was broke, or when I started to make some money, because I did not make as much money as these individuals. The feeling blocked prospering ideas, people and circumstances from finding me so I naturally perpetuated my struggles in a horrible way. Hey, I own this stuff. I learned to ID and root out my jealousy, replacing the feelings with devout gratitude for my successes and all the wonderful people and things in my life.

Study Your Feelings

I was full of dookey when I told myself I admired the success of people around me. Bullisht. I was jealous of these folks and felt this sensation arise in my being but I rarely studied my feelings, glossing over these most critical of indicators to move away from my blocks. I did not want to admit my energies but my blocks suggested otherwise. I was envious of other's success and this envy manifested as a big league money and opportunity block. Once I studied these feelings, watching the emotions arise when I found out how much money people made each month, I was better able to embrace my energies, release them and move on to high energy feelings, like job, happiness, and gratitude. I made the shift when I stopped lying to myself. What an awesome concept, right? The truth does make you free once you fully embrace the truth of your thoughts and feelings in any given moment.

Make the Shift

If you are a jealous SOB, no worries. Just address these feelings as they are, meaning, feel out the envious energies when the feelings arise from within. Then you can move toward a place of happiness or abundance. Count your blessings. Feel grateful for all your gifts. Be at peace with where you are at, now, to become less jealous and more happy with your present circumstances. You begin to envision a new reality the moment you cease being jealous and start celebrating other's successes. Remember; we are all connected. Celebrating someone else's success is a celebration of your success, and by doing this you become more successful, while other folks become more successful too. That my friends is a great deal.


Stop being jealous. Start celebrating everybody's success. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your home based business opportunity. - Image

Have You Picked a Successful Online Business Niche?

OK, what is success? Many people make some money online but not as many love doing what they do. I know, because I was a guy who made some money with my online business but I did not enjoy offering my particular product or service. I was not successful in choosing a niche because I chased money, not happiness. You too might be struggling to select the proper niche, for you. Imagine a horse being led along by a carrot attached to a string. His owner dangles the carrot in front of his prying eyes, and the hungry, focused horse continues to chase the carrot, to no avail. This is like the online entrepreneur who chases money. No matter how much money you make, you will always want more, and the goal you seek will always elude you, just like the horse chasing the carrot on a string.

You Picked the Wrong Niche

I can go through all the logical steps in selecting the proper niche but I do not want to bore you. If you are beyond happy working your niche, you picked the right online business niche for you. If you are miserable working the niche you picked the wrong niche. Passion precedes greatness in any online endeavor. If you fall in love with your craft you will be happy and successful. The money flows in as more people fall in love with your unbridled enthusiasm and unending positive energy. Yes, follow your passion and success follows, because you will be detached from business outcomes, not worrying about making money, or becoming popular, or all the impediments which block attached bloggers or entrepreneurs who chose their niche without regarding their passions.

The Mistake

This Google Keyword yields a ton of money. I will build a blog around this keyword. Mistake. Well, 1 exception; you are passionate about the keyword and can write all day long about the topic. You see, that is my gig. I studied online business articles and wrote online biz posts for years, fell in love with concept, and a few weeks ago I decided to start this blog, building each post around high paying keywords. I followed my passion and capitalized on my passion. Smart move, because I did not look for high paying keywords 4 years ago, before I developed my passion, which of course would have led to online ruin. I mean, I actually see people with no experience in a niche trying to build blogs around the highest paying keywords on the web. Good luck with that, as you will come off as a sham entrepreneur, with zero knowledge or your craft, a shill who loses their online reputation quickly.


Follow your passion and you already picked a successful niche. Stop chasing dollars. Remember the horse and carrot. You will never reach your goal and you will never feel fulfilled if you chase dollars alone. Do what makes your heart sing and money - and success - will follow you accordingly. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business. - Image

How Can You Destroy Roadblocks?

You might be frustrated by roadblocks. Maybe you have run into online resistance resistance recently, or maybe you hit resistance each hour of the day. I do at times. But I keep going. Because I know more fun - and resistance - awaits, and I have discovered 1 secret to destroying roadblocks. During my morning meditation session I felt pins and needles in both of my feet. I could feel the numbing sensation arise. The uncomfortable feelings built up over time, but instead of averting, moving my feet or changing my position to avoid the pain, or to end the pain, I sat and watched. This is because I read my meditation guidebook last night and I remember the author explaining how you should be heroic in being mindful of your pain during meditation sessions.

Online Business Lesson

OK, so after I observed the feelings I moved my attention to my breathing. My meditation session ended. I stood up and whammo! My feet and calves went numb and I could barely walk. So I stopped, sat down and waited for the feeling to pass. It did. Good. I could eat breakfast then write my online business blog posts. What is the lesson here? How can you destroy roadblocks which pop up. You must learn to observe roadblocks instead of being paralyzed by the resistance. I watched the pain arise during meditation. I did not become paralyzed by the fear, I did not move into an aversive state, attempting to avoid the fear. I sat there, embraced the pain, and even after my meditation session, I sat and embraced the pain, until the feelings past.

Think Back... the last time you faced a roadblock. Did you try to blast through the resistance mindlessly? Or did you avoid the block all together, feeling paralyzed by fear when you attempted to face the block. Maybe you have been putting off facing up against roadblocks like: paying off debts, starting your blog, forgiving someone.....the list can go on forever and many blocks seemingly outside of your online business duties, if you avoid observing and embracing these energies, will affect your professional duties, because your energy molds your day.


If you feel fear around some obstacles, stop. Fully watch the fear, then fully observe the roadblock. Maybe you do not seem to have the money right now to start a home biz but if you stop, observe your fear of poverty, then observe your excuse, you can be free of the fear, and the excuse, then you set about finding a solution to your money blocks. You can then list 20 ideas through which you can acquire the money, act on 1 or a series of these ideas, get the money and start your online business. You observed the roadblock and destroyed the resistance in a passive, effortless manner, because once you fully observe and embrace resistance the low energy disappears.


Observe resistance. The roadblock disappears and you are free to find solutions. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business. Image -

Monday, May 20, 2013

Do You Really Believe in Your Internet Home Business?

I know when you really believe in your internet home business. I see it. Because you promote the heck out of your biz. You write about your biz and how to improve your biz and you help people with your insight all day long. When you believe, it shows. On the flip side when you do not truly believe in your internet home business it shows too, as you hide away, and rarely promote your venture, and more tellingly, you criticize people who freely promote themselves. Yes, you wish you had their courage, their conviction, their balls, and this jealousy manifests as criticism. You proudly tell yourself that you never promote your venture, and that you are all about adding value, but these terms of code-speak for "I am deathly afraid to share my home based opp because I do not believe in my offering."

The Action Tells the Truth

How frequently do you promote your business? You can fast see if you are truly buying in to your model. I admit, I was a faker for many, many months and even years. I talked a good game but my hiding said otherwise. I did not use my twitter account to the best of my ability. I hid, I shied away and I refused to promote my primary home based opportunity business on blogs, or heck, anywhere. I rarely shared my squeeze page. I was not a true believer and I was far from clear on why I did what I was doing. Gaining clarity changed my life. Instead of pushing, straining and striving I shared my opp from a high energy space and reaped tremendous rewards.

People Will Test You

People will tell you that you are overcharging for your home based services, or that your opportunity is a scam but you better be ready for these folks, because this is all part of having people challenge your belief system, to see how much you truly believe in your venture. I meet people who try to get deals on my services, or who want to join my team for a discounted rate, but I never change my rates because hey, I want wealthy, not cheap, people to join my team, and if I really do believe in my internet home business, I never sell myself short and I promote the opportunity aggressively.


Believe. By acting. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your home biz. - Image

Do You Expect Terrific Online Success or Horrible Online Failure?

I expected to fail for a long time. I admit it. I secretly broke into a sweat each day I checked my gmail inbox for online business opt ins. I was stunned when successful people opted in to my website or joined my team. I am being honest here. I worked to succeed but expected failure. So I failed. For month after month and for year after year. I saw little success because I did not expect to succeed. Usually, this scenario resonates with most online entrepreneurs. They talk a good game but when it comes down to telling the truth most people tell themselves that yep, they are stunned by their success, and secretly expect to fail. If you want to succeed online you must do the mental legwork to where you condition yourself to expect success. There is no way around this fact. Your expectation precedes your reality.

The Big Lie

Most people who act on their online business do some from a place of desperation, fear and limitation. This is why 97% of online entrepreneurs fail. The underlying energy sucks. There are crosscurrents blocking your successful acts. Want to know how to change your expectation? Well, here is an awesome example. After flying to Peru - about a 10 hour flight all together - I changed up my email checking strategy. I decided to shift my expectation by detaching from my gmail account, checking it once weekly, every Monday at noon. I was secretly afraid to check my gmail daily because I rued looking and seeing few opt ins or sign ups. My level of expectation sucked and I admit, I continued to create sucky results. Now after checking email once weekly for the past few weeks I generated just as many - if not more - opt ins, and this is with my email monitoring time down from 5 to 6 hours weekly, to about 20 minutes weekly. The big lie was that I needed to check my opt ins daily and call them back and email them, when the truth was that I was spending hours worrying about checking opt ins and replying to each one, and to boot, my expectations around my emails carried a negative, defeating energy. I detached and many more online business opportunities flowed my way.

Expect Good Things to Happen

I do not care if you work on your mindset for 1, 2 or 4 hours daily, you must do the mental clearing, through meditation, visualization and affirmation if you are to expect good things to happen. This is not easy guys, I know, because you are likely conditioned to expect the worst to happen, but working on your mindset and practicing gratitude, and surrounding yourself with positive, high energy people changes your life instantly, and you will expect good things to happen and yep, good things will come to pass.


Expect good things to happen with your online business. You will not be disappointed. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business. - Image

1 Reason Why Online Business People Hate You

I see something funny in the online business realm. Talented, driven entrepreneurs make a mistake. A big mistake. Because they make this mistake folks hate them. Seriously, they outright hate the individuals, which of course is bad for business, unless you want to attract a-holes to your team. Some people do build money making ventures with this approach but attract a host of negative people and situations to them, fighting their way through the day. Hey, to each their own. I just prefer not to attract legions of people who despise me. You cannot control what people think of you but you can be a nice guy or gal and attract a ton of nice folks, and attract a minimal amount of unhappy people.

Stop Being a Jerk

Some marketers adopt an "in your face" marketing style, being a direct, nasty jerk, calling you out, making fun of you, embarrassing you, challenging you, making fun of your poor results, laughing at your failure. I just read one such tame Facebook status update a few minutes ago. The guy was far from a jerk but it made me think about some of the more aggressive approaches out there in the online business world. The foolish thing about this strategy is you make your life harder, more miserable and more stressful, because you attract jerks, or angry people, or unhappy people, in droves. Yes you attract some high energy folks too but these individuals will be scant because where your attention and energy goes, grows.

I Remember... particularly wealthy guy in my niche - ok, he made a lot of money but I would not call him wealthy - who attracted all types of fights and nasty people because he used a brash, in your face, caustic and nasty approach to marketing. He made a lot of money along with a ton of enemies. Many people hated him and for good reason; he hated many people, as evidenced by the way he belittled individuals, made fun of them and fought with them. I even spoke to this guy's "mentor" over the phone, and since I actually have some control over my mind, I left this fool flustered, angry and screaming at me, trying to pick a fight. 2 peas in a pod, I suppose, and since I am happy and nice, this guy, with some 30 years experience online, was left attempting to bait me into a fight, acting like a little, hurt 4 year old lol.....because he was so used to people either cowering to his bullying or hating him, fighting him tooth and claw.


Be nice. People will rarely hate you if you are nice, and the people who do have severe mental problems that have nothing to do with you. If you can be nice you will open an infinite number of doors for yourself. This business is all about creating value and making friends. Lose the nasty, in your face and belittling marketing approach and show love for your fellow entrepreneurs, and you will be amazed at how quickly your fortunes turn. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business. - Image

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Are You Making this Stupid Mistake?

I made a stupid mistake. For a long time. Now, just because I am an online business veteran does not mean I never make dumb mistakes. I am human. Really. So I mess up from time to time. This error involved not leveraging my content. I have over 4000 blog posts online. Yes, really. But I did not leverage the stuffing out of this content so I missed out on page views. I wrote a post, promoted it once and forgot about it so I was not capitalizing on my content to generate a maximum amount of page views. You never know who might vibe with your old posts and hey, dates are irrelevant if your content is timeless. If you create proven strategies, or timeless tips, you are publishing evergreen content. Yep, stuff that stays good and relevant for, like, forever.

Promote You

I tweet out posts every 10 minutes or so each working hour. This is easy. I keep my blogs open, hop on, hit social share buttons and return to my work. The sharing process takes about 20 seconds and I am generating hundreds more page views each and every day using this approach. Smart, right? Of course it is, but I made the dumb mistake of NOT leveraging my content by resharing for many months, and for heck, years. Do not write and forget. Do not create and ignore the power of leveraging, or re-sharing. Share the stuffing out of your content and you will never lack for online business leads. Share your content aggressively and you will never lack for blog traffic.

Promote Other Peoples

Aha! This is when your sharing campaign moves into overdrive. When you promote other people, people promote your content - old and new - in return. People like returning kind online business acts. Good deal. So naturally you should be promoting people aggressively to help them out. Cut the strings. Just help, and you will be shocked and surprised by how many people help you in return. This is a great secret to online biz success. Once you help people expand their presence many of these folks will help you in return, being quick to promote your older and newer works to expand your presence online.


Promote the hell out of your old content. You have an online business gold mine in your midst if you are willing to market your old stuff throughout the day and leverage your presence. Also promote other people to influence folks to promote you in return. Help and be helped. This simple law will expand your online presence at a breakneck pace. Put out whatever you wish to flow back to you, with ease, and think through your campaign to leverage your presence quickly. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business. - Image