Sunday, July 28, 2013

3 Tips for Creating an Entertaining Video

Wow. I watched a video a few minutes back of a dude who ate 3 ghost peppers in a row. For those not in the know these are the hottest peppers on earth. Unreal experience, as the guy flipped out, and burned his mouth, went bezerk, and hey, he created a funny video too….lol….but I since I like to dissect any internet marketing content, let us dive into the specifics, OK?

Practice learning as much as you can from life, from videos, from blogs and any other form of content you can digest quickly. If you need to improve your marketing campaign try observing people who move you, who push you to learn more about what makes people watch videos, or read blog posts.

Funny videos vibe with me, and heck, with most people, because many viral offerings are based on being funny, or silly, or outright hilarious. I felt the need to churn out this post after I watched the video…..heck a few minutes after watching the video, because it was just so darn funny. Couldn’t turn it down, the opportunity that is, because I want to share what I learned with you, to help you prosper, as quickly as possible.

1.Big Build Up

The guy created a seriously in depth build up, building anticipation around his feat. I liked the steady crescendo, building, building and building up, creating a nice lead in to his monumental feat. Would he go forward with the challenge? Or would he chicken out? Hmmm…..we had to see, and we had to tune in, and stay tuned in, to see what the deal was.

I personally I am not huge on build ups because I keep mine short; 1 minute tops, often-times I create shorter videos to resonate with my audience. But since I know that creating entertaining content helps you reel in video views. Create the build up to build an effective teaser, just like TV commercials.

2.Plenty of Humor

He was a funny character, this guy, and he also had a rotund funny buddy who acted as his sidekick. I went LOL over here because he was quite hilarious before and during his challenge, running around like a wild man and gesticulating after chomping down on the unbelievably hot ghost peppers, flipping, going nuts, dancing, screaming, hitting the deck, lol….I liked it, drew me in. He gets an A+ for the video and the humorous presentation.

3.He Delivered

The title explained the fact they guy ate 3 peppers and sure enough he ate the peppers. Nothing disgusts me more than those stupid youtube videos or blog posts trumpeting some big feat yet outright lying, not delivering at all on the title. This is spam, and reputation-losing spam at that because once you cry wolf you are as good as dead in the online realm. Nobody will trust you or your copy and you will simply see fewer and fewer click throughs.

Do you create fun videos?

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