Sunday, July 28, 2013

3 Tips for Writing from Your Heart

After preparing a bowl of oatmeal I feel well equipped to write a heart-felt message. Soul food inspires any blogger ;) Writing from your heart is no easy task for the aspiring blogger. You want to fit in. You want to succeed. Get rid of these motives to write from your heart.

See why it is so difficult? Standing out and failing feel painful, so painful that few people on earth deliver a heart felt, energetic message each time they hit the publish button. This topic gets tossed around so much; hearing the words does not help you write from your heart. The process can be sucky lol....super uncomfortable, because you might be subject to criticism...I mean you will be subject to criticism from friends, bloggers, and heck, yourself. You will rake yourself over the coals after creating a heart-felt blog post for the first time.

No worries! I post many times daily, speaking from my heart, and I am doing OK, traveling the world, and yes, you will rock it out too. I promise :) But you need to speak from your heart, now, to become astoundingly heart-felt, and to speak an authentic, powerful message through your words.

1. Write How You Speak

Yes, this is tough too. Practice. Write how you speak so individuals can see and feel and hear your heart felt words. Take the plunge. If you crave success writing how you speak is critical for promoting your blogging voice.

2. Release Critics

People who lack your courage might make fun of your writing style. Many people criticize me but they wish they had my balls, to do what I do, writing from my heart, so I take the compliment to heart hahahha, and let go critics. Never let these folks inside of your head or heart. Proceed. As you were. Write. Prosper.

3. Listen to Your Inner Guide

Blog from the heart by listening more and acting less. Action plays a part in the blogging equation, but think about this; if you listen to wisdom and act, are you really acting? I think not. Silent listening transitions to movement but the act feels quite effortless, like cruising around on auto-pilot. Listen in. Relax. Blog from your heart.

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