Sunday, July 28, 2013

4 Tips to Optimize Your Blogging Campaign

Are you a confused blogger? I have been there. SEO, optimizing, widgets, keywords, backoffice-speak…the whole deal can drive you bananas if you have no mentoring in place.

Luckily I am here to teach you ;) I started from scratch, having no clue in hell what to do, when to do it, why I should be doing it and how I should be doing it. After learning some blogging tips I began to make money blogging. Growing your blog from nothing seems like a daunting task but blogging with the right frame of mind puts you well ahead of the blogging crowd and eases any anxieties related to starting a new venture. We have all felt the terror, thank you….LOL!

Let me share my secrets with you.

1. Nail Down Keywords

Build your blog around a series of keywords or key phrases which resonate with your target market. Are you targeting professional bloggers? Build your keywords around the “make money blogging” niche. Consider home business or online business keywords if you are targeting these niches. Use keywords in most of your posts to effectively optimize your blog. Do not, and I repeat, do not stray from using niche specific keywords! Speak the language of your prospects or else you will need to take Rosetta Stone 101…..hahahaha….to learn how to communicate with these individuals again. Nail down keywords. Use these keywords to speak a clear, valued-packed message to your target market.

2. Simple Designs Rock

Simple, clean designs really do rock. Cluttered, unfocused designs confuse readers, resulting in many of these folks leaving for the exits. If you want to really succeed in the blogging niche consider using a plain, clear and straightforward design to appeal to your target audience. Simple, clear and direct speak a clear message to your audience; no frills here, no distractions, just an abundance of usable, helpful content which I want to scream at your attention, so you can use it and benefit from my insight. Yeah that works ;)

3. Hang Where Your Readers Hang

Why would you hang out with personal development junkies if you are a blogging blogger, right? Hang out with people from the blogging niche in Facebook and LinkedIn groups and through tribes to increase your presence online. Optimize your chances at connecting with a hungry reader; hang with people who want to to consume what you have to offer.

4. Have Fun to Fully Optimize Your Campaign

If you want to make money blogging start by having fun. Enjoy your blogging career by laughing more, letting your hair down and boosting your creativity by speaking with your writing voice. This requires you to let go worry worsts, non-creative bloggers and negative, pessimistic entrepreneurs but you were letting them go anyway, right? ;) Be a bright light for fellow bloggers. Promote your blog from an energetic space, NEVER allow criticism to get you down and you might just make a fortune by sharing your thoughts through your blog.

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