Saturday, July 6, 2013

Blogging Tips: 3 Ways to Deal with Lulls after Traffic Surges

My blog traffic dropped off a bit after hitting 3600 page views the other day. Yesterday I pulled back to 2600 views. Cry me a river, I know, lol.....but blogging tips covering this topic are key because people quit or pull back after experiencing lulls.

After dealing with lulls you can:

  • drive more traffic to your blog at a steadier pace
  • learn how to develop your power of persistence
  • stand out from the online crowd which operates in fits and starts

Smart bloggers know this; by dealing with pullbacks you can ride out the storms and succeed in the long run.

Practice Detaching from Outcomes

OK, this one is tough. Until it becomes easy. Detach from numbers. I checked my stats today. I saw 1,100 views early in the morning.

Not bad!

Of course not on par with a 3,600 view day but that is OK.

I share these blogging tips because I know the desperate feeling which might arise when you attach to outcomes.

Move your focus from getting views to giving out something of value.

You will live longer. You will be happier.

I promise!

Detach by writing, and creating videos, and meeting people, and the outcomes take care of themselves.

Increase Your Creativity

This one dovetails on the above tip.

By creating more you compete less.

By competing less you care less about stuff like outcomes.

Stop looking at lulls and start creating more blog post ideas, then act on those ideas. By doing this you care less about what you get GETTING because you are too busy with GIVING.

Easy to see, right? When you stop focusing on you and start focusing on others your life becomes easy.


Become more aware of your feelings.

If I brush through my feelings after seeing a lull, and feeling worried, or anxious, I slam through the day feeling worried and anxious.

Not exactly the way to attract prospering ideas, is it?

Of course not!

Meditating - or sitting still while your thoughts and feelings roll by - shows you how to identify, embrace and release feelings.

This is the blogging tip of blogging tips, so listen up guys!

If you rarely meditate start today.

Sit with your thoughts and feelings for 20 minutes or longer each day.

You will be happy that you did so.

Lulls will no longer be lulls.

Simply moments to learn from.

Do you use these blogging tips to deal with lulls?

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