Thursday, July 4, 2013

Blogging Tips: How I Post at Least 10 Time Daily

I post at least 10 times daily between my 2 blogs. Blogging tips range far and wide when frequency comes up.

You should never post to post, or to hit volume numbers....oh no, you should post when you have something useful to say.

I post frequently by publishing videos. Most of my posts are videos because:

  • videos are quick
  • videos are easy
  • videos boost your trust factor
  • videos generate steady page views

If you are not a video guy or gal I suggest cutting through that block immediately.

People need to know you are real. Words on a page are not real. Seeing a living, breathing being is at real as it gets.

Blogging Tips: Post with a Purpose in Mind

Each of my blogging tips centers on practical advice. If you look around finding practical solutions to common problems is easy.

Most people obsess over looking for topics: I focus on posting with a purpose.

Asking questions like "How can I help bloggers?", gets me on purpose quickly.

I write a post, or in most cases, shoot a video, publish, 1 more post down.

Get Rid of this Poisonous Idea

Do not, and I mean, DO NOT, fall in love with promoting posts.

Some people hold back their progress by attaching to "getting the word out."

You will never post more than once a day - or every few days - if you manually promote your post on 10 or more Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, other blogs, etc, EACH day.

Nope. Promote sparingly, write from a prolific space. At least if you want to post 2, 3 or more times daily.

Why is the idea poisonous? Over promoting strangles your creativity.

You have 24 hours today. How much time do you spend creating, with those 24 hours?

I spend most of my waking hours filming videos and writing posts.

Do you still wonder why I am so creative? Habit. I developed a habit. Because I released the poisonous, promoting disease afflicting many otherwise talented bloggers.


Why post 10 times daily? To generate ad revenue? To share blogging tips

Or to be free?

Or to create a blogging news resource?

Each person uses a different driver.

Find your driver. Hold it dear. Blast through obstacles.

You become prolific by driving yourself more than 99% of the people out there.

If you know why you want to post frequently you do what it takes to post frequently.

How can you post more each day?

Or do you dislike a high volume approach?

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