Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Home Business Tips: 4 Reasons Why Videos Trump Articles

OK, it is dark tonight in the Costa Rican jungle...or beach....or ghost town.

I live in Playa Potrero. Picture a couple hundred people spread out over a few miles. If it were not for the street light we are talking PITCH BLACK conditions now.

So, since videos come up fuzzy with limited light, I am writing an article.

This is the only reason.

Because videos trump blog posts. You want home business tips? Well, here is why videos rock...because videos:

  • take less time to create
  • build your trust factor quickly
  • speak a certain language that blog posts cannot replicate
  • can drive targeted leads to your blog quickly

Take Less Time to Create than Articles

I am adept at creating 400 to 500 word posts in minutes.....but I can create videos even more quickly with less effort.

90 to 120 seconds, and then a few minutes to upload and voila!

Content created. Which is why videos rock.

Build Your Trust Factor Quickly

People love seeing people on video.

Makes you look human, because hey, you are being you, in human form.

Once you connect with people through video prospects or readers are more likely to trust you.

Kinda tough to re-create this level of trust using articles.

Speak a Certain Language Blog Posts Cannot Replicate

You know what I mean.

After reading a rocking article you might be impressed.

After watching a rocking video you are psyched, energized, ready to conquer the world.

People live through their senses, rightly or wrongly.

Appeal to their senses by creating videos.

Can Drive Targeted Leads to Your Blog Post Quickly

Some of my dailymotion videos snag 140 or more views in hours.

Not so with my blog posts.

And I have no massive dailymotion network.

I do use extensive SEO on my videos, and within text linking up to videos.

So there you go.

Do you use videos?

Or articles?

Which do you prefer?

Stop monkeying around!

 What do you think?

 Please write a comment below.

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