Friday, July 19, 2013

Home Business Tips: Why Are You Losing Readers?

You fear pushing yourself. Home business tips 101: push yourself to grow quickly.

As I write these words at 8:29 PM on a Friday night, after working all day, I look back at my growth. Each massive surge was preceded by intelligent and persistent work.

I never advise pushing yourself into an early grave. You do no good from a hospital bed. Succeed by pushing yourself to your limits. Then take a break. Go to bed.

But to embrace these home business tips get used to your uncomfortable zone. Top notch entrepreneurs push themselves through:

  • mental hurry
  • physical pain
  • prolonged suffered
  • financial duress
  • domestic issues

Guys, this will be the toughest thing you ever do. Also the most rewarding thing you can do, too ;) Is it tough? Hell yeah LOL! But tough moments create spectacular dreams.

Traveling the world comes with a stiff price tag. Not so much with the airfare, or lodging, but the countless hours, weeks and months I spent working intelligently and persistently.

Home Business Tips

Get on purpose to fully embrace these home business tips. Losing readers means you fear pushing yourself a bit beyond today. You feared writing the extra blog post, or sharing content from a good buddy, or posting one more comment on the blog.

Go beyond. Not to the point of getting ill but to the point of watching your mind race, or your neck stiffen, or to where your back hurts.

Not because you crave pain, but because you crave growth.

Quick growth occurs in moments where you fear treading. Gain readers. Learn more. Create more. Connect more.

Do you push yourself?


What did you do today to push yourself a bit beyond?

How can you better push yourself?