Saturday, July 27, 2013

How Do You Go with the Flow?

I love writing. I hate formatting. I know people love pretty stuff, fonts, lists, etc. But I hate it. I hate making things pretty. I write for me, then my readers, because if I was a slave to my readers, then I might just go get a job, and do stuff because people tell me to do it….lol ;)

I listen. I change. Sometimes. But I largely go with the flow. Tonight, the words flow easily. No formatting. Content. Volume. Flow. Going with the flow feels amazing. Detached from outcomes, not focused on any one objective or goal, you write, or sit in quiet, or walk, or eat. All in the flow.

I listen, I listen, I listen. Go with the flow by listening. Or do you use another approach? No right or wrong answer exists. Either you go with the flow or fight the flow. You choose. You decide.

Going with the flow does not feel easy or comfortable if you have been conditioned to fight your intuition. Living in a prison of logic and alleged security handcuffs flow seekers. Release regimented, logical, non-flow-seeking individuals from your life to condition yourself, or to reprogram yourself, to tune into your flow.

How does flow seeking benefit you? Less stress, less worry, more joy, more happiness, more peace of mind, more money, more magic moments, more creativity, more working on autopilot, more harmony, more calmness. Going with the flow benefits you immensely.

How do you find your flow? Only you know. Spend time in quiet. Create without editing. Hit publish before you wreck your creation. Learn to embrace your imperfections. Be at peace with what is. By going with the flow you attract moments to keep you in flow each moment of each day.

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