Saturday, July 27, 2013

Make Money Blogging: 3 Reasons Why You Are Blind to Practical Tips

Why do so many bloggers fail? Captain Obvious time; ignoring the practical, the successful, the useful. Failures ignore successful advice. Practical advice is successful advice. I tell you to write 1 to many posts daily – yeah I write frequently ;) – targeting most posts with niche-specific keywords. Either you do, or you do not.

So after failing for weeks, months or years, you look back, and wonder….why the hell did I ignore practical, successful advice? I can tell you, because I took this idiotic road for a long, long time ;)

1. Not Prepared to Receive

I was broke, scared, lacked confidence, hated networking….I just wanted money. Or did I? My mindset repelled good advice. I worked on my mind through meditating, visualizing and affirming but I did not see myself as a rich, successful person and I rarely pushed myself into uncomfortable, successful, practical acts on a persistent basis. I changed the self-image, received good, practical information and yep, I started to make money blogging.

2. Seems too Simple

As a rule, people believe complex works and simple is stupid. Stupid people do complex things to make money and brilliant people do simple things persistently to build astounding fortunes. Picture this moment; you embrace simple. Meet people, write blog posts, write more blog posts, push yourself, make money blogging by embracing simple ideas, persistently using these ideas to prosper you.

3. Seems too Easy

Simple and easy are quite different. Some feel practical blogging advice is too easy to follow, therefore, it does not work. Practical advice is easy to follow. For 1 day, or 2, or maybe for 1 week. Start week 2. Watch how many bloggers quit. Ignoring practical simple tips. Or maybe easy becomes difficult after 1 month, or 6 months.

Follow practical advice. For your blogging career. To make money blogging.

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