Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Make Money Blogging: 3 Things You Need to Learn

The internet is a bit slow today. I cannot go wild with videos. I wrote a post, scrapped it, here I am. Some days thing move in a direction different from your desired direction.

Today is one of those days ;)

By learning how to make money blogging you learn many important lessons.

Flexibility Trumps All other Blogging Qualities

Right now I either:

  • push myself to churn out 20 videos today with a poor internet connection; good luck with that
  • or I network a bit more write a bit more and save crazy video creation for spots with strong connections
I went with the 2nd option because I enjoy to make money blogging. Fighting what does not work is stupid. We have minds. Use them folks.

Be quick to change strategies and slow to abandon your core plan.

Breaking Rules Makes You Successful

By breaking rules you learn how to get ahead in life.

I propose to create 15 to 20 posts daily. Today I will break the rule which helps me connect with more people and use my time effectively.

Because I probably could post 20 times daily but would need to stay up until 2 AM for all my videos to upload.

Does that make sense? Of course not! Force negates. Make money blogging by learning how to break rules. Being flexible is great but abandoning set rules in the moment makes you a superstar.

Make Money Before You Make Money Blogging

1 of my chief mistakes as a blogger was trying to make money blogging when dead broke. The error led to headaches, heartache and misery.

After I socked money away with a few endeavors other than blogging I made money through blogging with less effort.

Detachment. A wonderful thing. Even skilled pros flip out when sales drop so you, as a broke joke - if in that stage now - totally throws out proven tips, acts from a desperate place and struggles horribly to make pennies.

Throw some money in the bank. Keep your day job, or doing something else online or offline to make you money now.

This tip of tips accelerates your success like nobody's business because having money stashed away removes much desperation from your campaign.

No longer will you try to make money selling ads or your services...no longer will you hand on word counts and page counts and stats and metrics.

No longer will you flip out when you earn $10 in a month in ad revenue.

You will still push yourself and drive yourself to succeed but the desperate feelings you experience and counterproductive desperate measures you take will no longer make your life a living hell.

The internet is no ATM to the broke, desperate person.

What tips can you add to this list?

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