Friday, July 5, 2013

Make Money Blogging: 3 Tips to Deal with Comment Spam

Spam is the bane of all bloggers. Or is it?  I learned a while back to embrace spam. Because I like to make money blogging.

 If you like prospering learn how to deal with resistance. Embrace annoyances. See the learning opportunities inherent. Proceed.


  • teaches you a lesson in tolerance
  • helps you find eye-catching terminology
  • can give you a great laugh in the process ;)

Treat Spam like a Blessing

Once you see blessings you see opportunities. To make money blogging embrace spam. People who are desperate become spammers.

People with no online experience spam like mad due to ignorance.

Treat these people with compassion.

Yes, you better delete their spam comments, or their silly pitches, but do so with love, and compassion, and you might just become happier, more peaceful and calm, too.

Take a Cue from Some Funny Folks

I admit it; some of these jokers too me for a ride. Creative, eye-catching copy shows up as spam sometimes.

Stop being angry; start learning how to catch attention to the wizardry. Now, you are NEVER going to lie, or be dishonest.

Just use creative wording, like colorful adjectives or power verbs, like some of these spammers use.

Whatever annoys you teaches you a wonderful lesson. Tune in and learn!


Spam is funny. Remember the days when NOBODY visited your blog?

You would have died for even a spam comment.

Now you are Mr. or Mrs.Big Fancy Blogger and you get annoyed by all the spam.

Take a deep breath. You are getting more pages views, gaining more influence and reaching into new markets if you generate a ton of spam.

Laugh a little. Laugh a lot, if you see something absurd, or funny, you will live longer ;)

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