Sunday, July 28, 2013

Make Money Blogging: Are You Attached to Articles?

I like gabbing. On video I prefer to make money blogging by posting a gazillion videos each day. I enjoy having my voice heard; who doesn’t, right? Creating videos is fun, entertaining and an all around high energy lead generating strategy. Unfortunately some bloggers are heavily connected to creating content in the form of articles and shy away from the video camera.

Yep, drumroll please…lol….this used to be me. I decided Google only likes 500 to 700 word articles. I embraced the idea that Google and my readers care not for 1 to 3 minute videos. I believed this, and because of this limiting belief I stifled my video creation skills because I rarely shot videos. I ignored the wave of the present and future.

Then I created a video or 2, for fun. I saw the opportunity. I created videos like a fiend. I published more videos. My confidence grew. Then one day I detached from articles. I might still churn out a few select pieces daily but go the video creation route virtually all day long. I detached. Many of my fellow bloggers feel it impossible to detach, being heavily attached to make money blogging by creating articles, or traditional blog posts.

Here is the problem; until you embrace video you will never come close to your blogging potential. Sure, you will be a wordsmith and all that good stuff….lol….but you will miss out on a chance to develop your self confidence. Avoiding opportunities to look dead into the camera and create videos makes you miss out on building your brand, gaining the trust of your target audience and having fun too.

I dig creating videos. If I could, I would just film videos all day long and outsource other activities. I am seriously thinking about this because I spend most of my day creating videos now, with some time spent in uploading my new videos and bookmarking these offerings on social networks.

It is not easy to create videos as first; never use this as an excuse to develop an unhealthy attachment to articles. I know how it feels to look weird and sound funny on videos but some 1600 videos later I hurdled the self-conscious stuff many years ago. Because of this I detached from writing blog post; saving my creative energies in this area for only a few times daily, if I even churn out content at this rate.

Churn out articles. Articles rock. Just avoid getting too attached to articles. Create a video once in a while. Make money blogging by mixing it up.

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