Friday, July 19, 2013

Make Money Blogging: How to Deal with Plummeting Page Views

Every blogger has been there. Even successful bloggers deal with plummeting page views. Make money blogging by dealing with these inevitable dips. No matter how hard you work your traffic will die off from time to time.


  • you can complain like a loser
  • you can quit blogging all together
  • you can get angry and blame tribes
  • or you can nut up, work smarter, work more persistently and succeed online

I admit; I saw a quick dive in traffic after Triberr reduced postings to 13 per week. I hit these numbers in 2 days so naturally, going from 3600 page views daily to 1100 pisses me off.

This is good. I now focus on building stronger relationships, boosting my rep through blog commenting and expanding my presence on social networking sites to make money blogging.

That brings me to....

Remain Flexible

Flexible bloggers seize opportunities quickly. I saw the drop. I switched up my strategy. I post multiple times daily but work in more networking activities. Post comments. Share content. Build relationships.

This smart approach to blogging can boost your online rep, giving you cyber street cred LOL!

Remain Calm

OK I got a little POed.....I am human ;) But after the annoyance I returned to being calm, unflappable me. We all face peaks and valleys. This is not biggie in the grand scheme of things.

I feel blessed to get 1100 visitors on a bad day. Good deal.

Re Assess

Why did my traffic drop? Were there other reasons at play? Maybe my keywords are off, or people are not working today - in greater numbers - or any one of 1000 other reasons.

Nobody knows for sure but critical thought can bring me a few key reasons why folks are not visiting my blog in greater numbers these days.

Express Gratitude

Yes the G word again ;) Be grateful for all you have. Even if traffic drops you still have traffic. You still have a blog, right?

Good deal all around because many have no clue about the internet, or blogging or how you can make money blogging. We live in a a blessed time guys and by simply embracing these ideas and being grateful more neat things can move into your life.

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Quit monkeying around.

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