Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Online Business Tips: 3 Tips to Connect with Prospects

Hungry online business entrepreneurs know this: connecting with prospects boosts sales. Reaching your bottom line makes life easier; less stress, more passive cash flow and an increased sense of peace surrounding your online exploits. Today I will share 3 online business tips with you to better connect with prospects.

Be Accessible

Being an accessible online business entrepreneur boosts your rep. People who know, like and trust you tend to buy from you. People grow to know, like and trust you if you are accessible.

Use your social media accounts, blogs and other mediums of communication to maximize your points of contact. By opening up you can gain the trust of your target market.

Be Empathetic

Empathetic online business entrepreneurs know that sharing online business tips which touch your pain points increases your connections. If I told you that right now I am writing these words on a hot, stuffy bus, in Costa Rica, and that I am dripping in sweat as I write, and that I am dying for just a little bit more circulation, and that now I am sweating like a pig, you can probably recall one similar moment in your life.

Maybe you vacationed in the tropics, or your power went out at one time, and you suffered through sweltering conditions. In any case, you could better connect with me because I hit your pain points by describing my current experience.

Oh yes, I am writing these words from a hot, stuffy bus in Costa Rica, by the way ;)

Once you feel my experience and relate we can better form a connection.

Be Persistent

Like coaxing a stray dog to trust you, you also need to beckon most prospects to connect with these individuals. A bit of content here, a little social sharing there, and in time you might just develop a strong, powerful bond which lasts for a life time.

Picture yourself reaching out to a stray. Maybe you can toss out a few scraps of meat; your free marketing boot camp or ebook. Then as the stray moves in closer, you crouch down, lowering yourself to their level; establish accessibility. Finally, you can pet the pooch; speak to your prospect or make the sale.

Do you use these tips to establish more connections?

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