Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Online Business Training: Why Responsive-itis Might Be Killing Your Biz

Oh boy! I experienced a touch of responsive-itis a few minutes ago. Caught myself responding to posts on Facebook when an online business training post was due here. Responsive-itis:

  • robs you of your creativity
  • builds a wicked attachment to social networks like Facebook, well as your blog
  • influences you to play an ego-based game where you try responding to all social media chats

You know what this disease is all about. I have experienced it, here and there, and let me tell you, it is not pretty.

Online Business Training: Newbies Get the Wrong Idea

Newbies believe you must respond to every chat, comment or question on your blog or social media websites. 

Even vets believe this. Nothing wrong with responding but, if you are not chock full of paid work, and you are a pro, or want to be.....get rid of the idea that you need to respond to all requests.

Your energy is better spent in other spaces. Namely, creating new content or writing or clients or creating your own product.

When business suffers, hell yeah. When things move slowly, you better respond. But a certain tipping point moves in your favor - or against you - when you get busy. I mean, really busy.

Tipping Point

I run 4 separate ventures. I perform online business training and engage in other online opportunities.

So I can only respond to so many chats.

This is why Seth Godin responds to few comments. He is busy doing business.

Same deal with any industry pro.

I am no Seth Godin but I do have paying clients to speak to, and write for.

I do have blog posts to write.

Each 5, 10 or 20 minute chunk I used to spend trying to respond to all social requests, chats, etc, would have been perfect for me to churn out a blog post.

The tipping point has been reached. I am busy growing money-making business ventures so I can only spend a few minutes responding to social requests.

A doctor practices medicine and gets paid. A lawyer, law. A blogger, well he blogs. I am not a professional comment responder.

I respond when I can but I cured myself of Responsive-itis a number of months back by aggressively pursuing paid writing ventures.

Do you suffer from this disease?

How can you cure yourself?

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