Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Online Business Training: Why You Might Damage Your Effectiveness

Look at my office. Clean-looking, right? I take my online business training seriously. I learned from many successful mentors to do 1 thing, and do 1 thing well.

Doing this thing:

  • creates order in your mind
  • boosts your online effectiveness
  • creates peace of mind
  • boosts your productivity

You might be damaging your effectiveness, though, because you...

Maintain a Sloppy Office

I admit, I am Spartan. Orderliness trumps everything. I work off of a laptop. I take all calls through Skype. Cyber storage. No papers, no extra.

Being on the road forces me to do online business training from a cyber space. I cannot afford to carry much more than a laptop.

No fuss, no muss. Taking this approach helps me create order in my mind. 

If I maintained a sloppy office I would become confused, disorderly and I would damage my effectiveness.

Spending minutes, or even hours, fumbling through information, worrying, wondering if I could get the info I needed, absolutely kills your effectiveness.

When it comes to home offices, the less material, the better.

Go Minimalist

I am far from a minimalist except when it comes to my office....aka my laptop. No need to carry much more. Again I do the phone thing through Skype.

I store online. I work in quiet, peaceful areas, whether I am in peaceful, stunning Nuevo Arenal, like I am now, or if I am back in my quiet home office setting in NJ.

Releasing on the need to fill your office space can boost your effectiveness. Less physical clutter means less mental clutter.

Be all about minimizing what you need to add to your home office. Find a quiet space, take frequent breaks and get to work!

Less Rocks

Less is better. At least in the home office area. Look up once again. 1 laptop and nature. That is all I need to succeed. 

Simple, clean and heck, I never lose out on business by using 1 tool, along with my mind, to grow my business ventures.

Do you maintain a minimalist view to setting up your home office?

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