Saturday, July 27, 2013

What Does the Average Online Entrepreneur Struggle with?

Selling a dream. I see it. Daily. Receiving lame pitches, misplaced autodialer messages, spam emails and all forms of low energy marketing ploys shows people generally have a tough time selling dreams.

Why did you start working online? I dreamed to make money online so I never would step inside an office again. The dream expanded after I took my first trip to Bali, which turned out to be a 2 year tour of Southeast Asia. I was not after a green dollar bill – or series of them lol – nor was I dreaming about the features of my home based ventures….nope, I wanted to live my dreams.

So do you. So does everybody who wants to generate cash online, or work at home. We all want to be free; free from financial worries, free from a set sked, free from anything, really, so the freedom you crave – or might be experiencing – is likely what the prospective guy or gal checking out your home biz wants, too.

Now the form of freedom varies. Ask around. Ask people who want to join up. Ask people who are keen to make money online. Thinking online entrepreneurs succeed because the crowd gives what is desired. Re-read the line. By asking for a dream you can serve up the dream.

You might crave being able to quit your 9-5. I might already be fired and wish to travel the world ;) Or maybe you want to sock away money monthly to pay for Bobby’s tuition. Why do we always pick a name like Bobby when describing children….lol!

Whatever the dream, ask about it. Get an answer. Build your campaign around these answers. If you move from stressing bland features to astounding dreams you might just become a globe-trotting, traveling, prospering fool like myself ;)

People want to live the dream. Sell the dream.

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