Wednesday, July 24, 2013

3 Tips to Build an Attractive Blog

What draws you to a blog? Soaking up good content might drive you but in most cases the content must be visually appealing. You are turned off by ugly blogs. Let's face it; few people see past a ghastly, poorly-designed blog.

Make your blog pretty. Attract readers.

Go Heavy on White Space

Going heavy on white space guessed it; using plenty of white space compared to stuff. Content rocks but keeping eyes on content rocks even more. Attract readers by choosing to use white space extensively.

Take a look around this blog. See the white? Good. White space makes your blog and content all that more appealing. No real ratio exists; just make your blog pleasing to the eyes.

Use Bright Images

Do you dig my vacation images? I shot 'em with a nice little camera. People fall in love with eye candy. By posting images you appeal to the desires of just about any reader. People love bright, shiny images.

Boring blogs use few images. Note how the top blogs and websites on earth generally use big, bright and eye-catching pictures? Images speak volumes more than words. Use pictures to snare the attention of your target audience, and folks who just plain love eye candy.

Go Heavy on Content Light on Ads

Look around. Top blogs go heavy on content, or value. Some blogs which rake in hundreds of thousands in ad revenue each month built up a serious content base before the ad revenue flowed in. Why? These blogs became prettier after the content/ad ratio shifted, from decent, to heavily into the content and light on the ads type deal.

Post ads. Please. Make money online. But post more content to build an attractive blog.

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