Wednesday, July 24, 2013

3 Tips to Dissolve Your Wicked Attachment to Stats

Oh my goodness! I freaked. Again and again. For the longest time I wickedly attached myself to stats, metrics, word counts and page counts. Finally I got fed up of this stressful, stupid, worry-some approach to running an online business.

I would cry or get angry or outright rage-ful if my opt-ins fell off, or my page views, or my subscribers, or if my cash flow dwindled to pennies, through various online channels.

This was many years ago, this horrible time of being a slave to stats. Thank goodness I kicked a terrible, ridiculous habit.

Now I check metrics here and there. I focus my energies on: creating and connecting.

How can you dissolve your terrible attachment? Try :

  • laughing a lot more
  • creating
  • connecting

1. Laughing a Lot More

Haha! Hahahahahahahaha.....LOL. 

I no longer need to hit specific numbers each night or day. I am light, calm and confident. Most people, they treat the online business thing with a life-death mindset.

Only life and death are life and death. Stop ice-grilling it. Laugh! Detach. Laugh again. Lighten up. Why take the ride of life unless you are willing to enjoy it, right??

2. Creating

Creating moves your attention from outcomes to...well....creating....adding value...all that stuff that insane people like the former

I mean I created, but I worried. I fretted. I checked metrics daily, hourly, trying to game the system.

I decided to create and detach. Help people. My problems disappeared after focusing on other people, NOT my stats or my online business.

3. Connecting

This is another good one. Focusing your attention on others, again, by:

  • promoting other people's blogs aggressively, sharing their content on multiple social networks like Facebook, twitter and Google Plus
  • Posting helpful, valuable and in depth comments on blogs; yep, stuff which increases the value of the post, and powers up the connection of the bond between you 2
  • Stopping in on social networks; I chat with my buddies a few times a week, through various social channels.
Follow these steps. Detach from stats.

Are you heavily attached to stats?

Or do you have a healthy relationship with metrics?

How can you better view your metrics or stats?