Sunday, July 21, 2013

3 Tips to Improve Your Internet Marketing Campaign

Building a successful marketing campaign adds a passive element to your online business. Leads flow in through google, facebook and other well-traveled networks because your discipline now pays big dividends in the future.

Practical tips rock. The most simple tips can make or break your online business. Be persistent and consistent in speaking a valuable, helpful message to your target audience. Prospects will knock down your door to buy your product.

Online Business: Be Consistent

Consistent marketers become successful. Speak the same message. If you run an online business share content related to running an online business. Easy peasey, really, because consistency programs people to buy. Or opt in. Or subscribe. Or to become a stark-raving fan.

Run your online business intelligently. Be consistent.

Create Value

Create value to attract value. Market from a valuable space, helping people with your frequent updates through newsletters, or blog posts, or videos. People gravitate to value. Be on the lookout for folks from your niche who need solutions. How?

Solve problems, again and again. People need help generating leads for their online business. Bingo! Create a free ebook giveaway, or blog posts, or paid product teaching how to generate leads.

Stop Leaving What Works

Stop leaving what works. Your proven system might not create a fortune overnight. So be patient. Be calm. Be disciplined. Be in the moment; stop leaving what works.

Write blog posts. Promote other bloggers. Make connections. Take these steps daily. Patience, grasshopper.

Do you use these tips to market your online business?

About Ryan Biddulph: Former fired security guard and current world traveler, Ryan Biddulph went from having a net worth of 4 cents to generating steady cash flow online while living in tropical paradises like Bali, Phuket and Hoi An. 

Add trips to: Costa Rica, Peru, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar and you have the makings of a serious travel junkie. 

Sometimes he stops by his home state in NJ too. Ryan enjoys working out, meditating, taming tigers, feeding wild monkeys and helping you generate cash online. 

He knows what it feels like to struggle for years in the make money online game and now he wants to share his tips to help you prosper. 

One note; he posts frequently. 

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