Friday, July 26, 2013

3 Tips to Save Time

Are you short on time? We all are, right? Acting desperate, or panicked, or hurried, does not help. I tried that. Many times ;) But slowing down and acting from a calm, confident space helps you save time like something else.

Right now I just finished dinner…..and dishes….thanks Kelli LOL. Time to write some posts. I get down to business but I admit, I feel a bit hurried because I know bed time looms in a few hours and I am a bit behind schedule today.

But instead of rushing around and wasting time, hopping in and out of ineffective acts, I decided to write a nice little post…..for you….and for me....

1. Study Time Savers

Identify some person – online or offline – who gets stuff done with time to spare. Observe these individuals closely. Time savers seem to be blessed with a 25th hour but of course, they usually get 10 times more things done in a quarter of the time. Wow.

Going forward, study these folks in depth. Observe how they schedule their day, or when they wake, or who they choose to surround themselves with.

2. Be Present

OK, I just changed my wallpaper. Laptop style. Felt inspired to do so….yes I know it would help me work ;) But after those 20 seconds I returned to my purpose. Knowing why you want to succeed helps but being present is the number 1 time saver I know of.

You do what you need to do to move forward. Simple, plain, obvious. Be present. Meditate frequently. Observe your thoughts. How frequently do you travel to the future or remember the past? Not good, especially if you need to save your time in the Now.

3. Work off of the Clock

Work expands to fill the time allotted for that work. If you give yourself more time to do stuff you laze about, dawdle around and take more time to get that stuff done. If however you work diligently, faced with a deadline, you get your fanny in gear and complete the task.

I enjoy work 50 minutes and resting for 10 minutes each hour. Whatever time limits float your boat, go for them.

We each are blessed with 24 hours each day. We sleep between 6 and 8 – at least most of us do – so the question remains…..what are you doing to use time effectively?

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