Friday, July 26, 2013

Make Money Blogging: 1 Tip to Attract Readers

Eye candy. 2 words. 1 tip. Eye candy. See the image above? That my friends, is eye candy. See my videos? People like images. Boring words on a screen? People no like that too much.

Check out the top blogs and news sites on earth. Each site, without fail, uses a combination of content; words, images, videos. Why? People generally live through their senses. This means you like bright, shiny stuff. This is a good thing to know for aspiring bloggers who wish to make money blogging.

Posts with images attached get clicked more and shared more. People love pictures. Again, check the top and news sites in the world. These portals use large, vivid imagery to drill home a point. Advertisers often spend a great deal of time and energy finding the optimal image, or series of images, to use for a campaign.


Look around. Images fascinate you. You think in pictures and then convert those images into words, to communicate. Even if you are writing text-only blog posts you still paint a picture, right? Posting a colorful image makes your readers happy. So much easier for them to see what you are trying to convey if you paint a picture with your words AND a picture.

Look at your blog. If you have neglected posting images with posts, cut that out. I Bsed myself for many months, thinking that I was wasting my time if I had to snag an image, upload it, post to my blog, then give credit via a post link. What a lie. Cost me many, many subscribers, and I am free to admit this. It cost me a few thousand page views too. Oh well.

If you post videos simply use the video image; no need to post another image. 1 piece of eye candy is enough, thank you.

Your Turn

Do you paint a pretty picture with… Why? Why not?

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