Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gary and Gerard Are My Friends

I have 2 good friends. They are named Garry and Gerard. They are close to me, at all times. I have a problem when Garry or Gerard has a problem; a BIG problem. Why.

Well, Gary and Gerard are forever linked to me. How? I cannot get into that now. But in terms of relationships, these guys are about as close to me as one can get.

Which brings us to relationships. How are you developing relationships with your core customers? How are you developing relationships with your readers?

If you want to make money online – and you certainly do, if you are a regular reader of this blog – you cannot possibly do so unless you develop a strong relationship with individuals who offer you the money.

You are not so much making money as receiving money for the value you bring to the table. Foolish people try to cheat the system; no cheating the Universe, folks! Smart people bring value to the table, to connect with their target market, and then, with some persistence, and fine tuning, the money flows in.

You cannot possibly succeed online without sharing value and your opportunity. I learned this one. The hard way. I shared some value but hid my opportunities. But beyond sharing value and your venture, or your skills, you must develop core relationships with a group of individuals.

Some folks might send you money for your product or service. Other people offer you gateway money making, providing you with an opportunity to reach a big, targeted audience. Whatever the channel, matters not, as long as you are building the relationship.
Stop trying to get someone for nothing. Develop relationships to make money online the karmic way.