Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Beastly Workhorse Fueling Big Blog Growth

I hear it from folks all the time; how do you post so much Ryan? I know what fuels blog growth; content. Conent workhorses grow your real estate so advertisers line up to check out what you have to offer. You wanna generate cash online? Create content, scads of content, helpful content, usable content, to boost ad revenue, generate cash online, draw in targeted leads and prosper through other channels.

Now generating content ideas can be a challenge. How do I get so many ideas? Yes, I have been asked that one too ;) A few times LOL! Well, read. Expose yourself to ideas. Sit in quiet, Meditate, or stare out the window, observing nature. Practice creating, to become creative. Does that make sense? Push yourself. Really, really push yourself.

At 6: 50 AM on a bouncy bus riding down the dirt roads in Montevede, Costa Rica – disculpe por lost typos ; 0 I have: 4 blog posts down, 5 or 6 videos down, from last night. I will hop online in Aenas, upload these pieces of content, create a ton more in between, so 10, will likely be 20, or 30, at that poin. Because content is the workhorse, the Clydesdale, driving big blog growth.

Write. Create videos. By writing, or creating, or shooting videos, you add fuel to the blogging fire. Why do so few people create persistently? Most of my blogging buddies fall heavily into the Google trance. One post a day, nothing more, they say in lockstep hahaha….I have fun because I know that yes, you can have some success, with this approach, but following the herd rarely leads to a life of note, an exceptional life.

People wonder how I generate cash online and travel the world??? Well, I do what few others do. I ride my workhorse daily ;0

- Image http://www.flickr.com/photos/aloha75/