Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Make Money Blogging: 3 Tips to Build a Powerful Content Marketing Campaign

Without good content you are dead......if you desire to make money blogging start writing. Forget fancy facts, blowhard gurus, and all that stuff which clouds your mind.

Creators rise above the competition because:

  • creators stand out from the crowd
  • you might make money online by networking aggressively but increased cash flow is yours if you bring value to the table
  • the more value you create the more you get paid; sowing and reaping thing here

Can you see why I post more than once daily? Pros in the offline niche become pros by creating.

Online business pros become pros by creating; newsletters, videos, post, whatever.

Create Multiple Times Daily to Sharpen Your Skills

10,000 hours. I believe Malcolm Gladwell states you need to work 10,000 to develop a skill.

To make money blogging spend 10,000 hours blogging, or writing. To make little money blogging simply ignore creating. See how far that gets you.

Creators rise above the competitive plane. You feel confused and stunned by the online entrepreneur who creates content at a mind blowing pace. So that person rises above the field and prospers.

Never Allow Experts to Get in Your Head

OK, you are comfy creating 2 to 3 blog posts daily. You even begin to make money online with this approach. 

Only 1 problem; some supposed online business guru tells you that you are doing it all wrong.

"Too much creating!" they say, and will follow up with notes about online burnout and dropping rank in google.

No worries. Carry on. Creative geniuses who build powerful online and offline content marketing campaigns get criticized for being special and driving themselves beyond the average person.

Do NOT Stop to Look at Stats

This is blog post #5 today for me at 8:34 AM local Nuevo Arenal time. I filmed 4 quick videos and here I am, writing 5.

If I stopped to look at stats of course I would suffer, getting attached to online business outcomes.

Been there done that.

Becoming prolific means detaching from stats and creating like a demon.

Make money blogging tip: create like a machine. Be brutally persistent. Detach from outcomes. Prosper accordingly.

Never get caught up in page views. Check here and there as a guidepost but carry on and create.

What tips can you add to this list?

How do you make money blogging?

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