Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Make Money Online: Why Not Sell this?

I spoke to a Swiss gentleman who lives here in Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica. He lives a charmed life. Heck I live a charmed life too. I make money online. I travel the world. 

If you sell this you can:

  • attract like-minded dreamers with greater ease
  • generate passive cash flow through your online business
  • make money online with stressing, straining or striving
  • have a load of fun doing the online bit

What is "this"? 

Here is a little hint....I am doing it to the right. Go ahead. Scroll down my blog.

"This" is...

The Dream!

Sell The Dream. I capitalize for effect and because you want to dream and live your dream more than anything else.

Why do what you do? What make money online? To live a dream. To travel the world, or buy your dream car, or pay tuition for your kid's education.

Or to run a prospering home business team, or to inspire others, or to grow your venture as an expert, who gains a bit o' fame in the process.

Selling the dream resonates with like-minded dreamers quickly if you are uber clear on your dream.

How can you sell the dream? Do this stuff:

  • post images of you living your dreams all over your blog, sales page and social networks
  • if you have not lived your dreams yet share your dreams; be creative, using images, and share, to resonate with like-minded folks
  • Stress the benefits of joining your online business not the features of the opportunity

You cannot succeed until you sell a pulsating, living, breathing dream to your readers or prospects.

See how I changed my blog layout? Lots more pictures lots more dreaming and much less plain ads, or gadgets - as blogger labels them - because my dream life inspires you to live your dreams.

I petted a 400 pound tiger in a cage. Heck I sat with THREE of them. What a crazy life! What a dream, right?

Make Money Online: Why Not Stand out from the Crowd?

Once you decide to sell a dream you will stand out.

Few people live their dreams and fewer share their dreams, not wanting to stick out.

Stop being selfish. Make money online. Sell your dream.

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