Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Make Money Blogging: 3 Tips to Create Blog Posts Quickly

I know you are short on time. I am short on time…..but I do make time to make money blogging. Did you wake at 5 AM today, ready for a long day spent on Costa Rica buses? I did. Did you churn out 7 pieces of content already? I did. How?

I chose to create blog posts quickly. I chose to be creative with my time. Wonderful, how easily it all works. Readers want to know the secret to my success. No real secret, guys; I choose to create. I choose not to make excuses. I choose to be on purpose, to make money blogging, to be free, before I make any lame excuses that I cannot possibly take the time to create a post.

OK, time to dive into the 3 tips.

1. Picture Yourself as a Reader

This is one of my favorite tactics to create blog posts quickly/ By spending time to see what my readers want I can offer this to them, rapidamente. OK I had to bring Costa Rica into this one; sitting on a bus headed to San Jose ;) But anyway, picture yourself as a reader, or visitor, to your blog.

What do you want answered? What problems plague you? List these out, provide solutions, prosper accordingly.

2. Give Yourself a Time Limit

Make money blogging; be stingy with your time. I like using timers to get me on purpose. Work expands to fit the time yu allot, to handle the work. Most people never make money blogging because they dawdle around, never working on a tight, fixed schedule, which would grow their blog and get their fannies on purpose, pronto!

Get on purpose. Time your tasks. Obseve how quickly you stop wasting time and start writing blog posts. I promise you, this one works guys! Too many of my blogging buddies complain about not having time…..but they do ;) Choose what to do with your time, and you will notice a dramatic change in your life!

3. Go into Quiet

This morning I wrote from the jungles of Monteverde, Costa Rica. Pretty quiet in these parts. But when I am back home in New Jersey, I write in equally quiet spots; how? I wake up earlier, or retreat to the bowels of my home, to find a quiet spot. Now I know that sounds graphic ;)…..but you know what I mean.

I find a quiet spot. I go to the library, or chill in my home, to block out distractions and allow creative ideas to flow into my mind which I then build into articles, and publish.

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