Monday, July 1, 2013

Online Business Training: 3 Tips to Keep You on Topic

Confused online business entrepreneurs never reach their goals. Why? You cannot hit but you never aimed for.

By staying on topic you can reach your goals. Quickly, in most cases. I admit, sometimes I stray from my topic but generally I remain true to my audience because:

  • I like generating laser targeted leads
  • I like finding people who need my ghostwriting services
  • I like generating a higher payout per ad click
  • I like serving people who need my assistance

Hitting your target is a breeze. Use these 3 tips to get on purpose, pronto.

Check Your Title and Tagline

By looking up top I can see: I better share online business tips and it might not hurt if I show myself traveling the world, here and there.

Since I post topical photos with each article, later on I will add travel pictures to my sidebar, as I do on my other blogs.

Adding a personal touch - and referenced touch, as noted above - helps drive targeted online business prospects to your website.

Work at home entrepreneurs showed up for online business tips. Serving personal development tips might be a bit confusing, because if you showed up for steak but was served fish....well....confusion, and an unsatisfied customer.


Ask the question before you write posts to generate more cash online quickly.

Why write a post? What topic are you covering AND what is your ultimate goal?

Since I am providing online business training, and I note the "online business" keyword a few times,  and I underline the keyword, and bold it out, I attract online business prospects.

If I wrote about self help, I would do the same for self help.

Stick to your online niche by asking, "Why"?

Wait around for the answer. Never ask and rush to the next step.

By answering honestly you can change your life dramatically!

Line All Your Widgets Up

Do your widgets line up? By this I mean does your sidebar line up and run off of your theme?

Make sure your list freebie, your images, your ads and your offerings line up; for me, my widgets better scream "online business", or else I confuse my readers and they exit stage left.

Your blog - and each component - should speak a loud and clear work at home message.

If I gave away inspirational ebooks to build my list I lose my audience.

Because people are here to get online business tips or work at home insight, not self help tips.

Spread yourself thin and you might just ruin your blog. Concentrate your efforts on 1 area, or niche.

Where you attention and energy goes, grows, right?

Do you keep things on topic?

Or do you struggle with this aspect of blogging?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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