Monday, July 1, 2013

My Encounter with a Slimeball in Puntarenas and What it Teaches You About Running an Online Business

I think I was slimed...

I ran into a slimeball named Franciso in Puntarenas, Costa Rica earlier today.

If you happen to visit the bus station in Puntarenas, stay away from him!

Anway, he charged Kelli and I $40 for a 10 minute taxi ride, which he said was roughly 15 miles.

15 miles turned into a few miles, and 10 minutes, and $40 later, we were at another bus station, which would take us directly to our destination of choice.

Obviously the man was dishonest. People without – and people with – money do silly, dishonest, karmic crapstorm generating things, when they feel like they can get away with raping people, like:

  • Overcharging on a ridiculous level; the taxi ride should have cost $5, but of course we were new here and had no idea where we were going or what we were going to be charged….because our direct bus, it turns out, was not direct….so $40 it was
  • Seizing an opportunity to take advantage of someone who does not know the territory·       
  • Spitting in someone’s face – metaphorically of course – after taking them for a ride; he asked me for a tip, I told him he was “mal hombre”, and dismissed his sorry ass lol….

OK online business entrepreneurs; to all my travel buddies who chance upon Puntarenas, Costa Rica, stay away from Francisco at the bus terminal.

He is a shifty one hahahaha….that, is lesson one.

Once You Lose Your Online Business Reputation You Will Never Get it Back

I have MANY friends who travel and quite a few who want to visit Costa Rica.
Puntarenas is oft-visited but here is the catch; the bus station is not heavily worked. 

This will stick out like a sore thumb.

Knowing how karma works, and how word spreads on traveler forums, you can your bottom dollar folks will hear Francisco’s  name and avoid him like the plague.

Same deal with your business. Once you lose your reputation by being dishonest, or overcharging, or doing anything deceitful, once somebody outs you, the word spread and people avoid you like the plague.

Tell the truth. Be honest.

You Cannot Escape Karma

Sure, you just told someone that making $1000 per week is easy. Especially once you plug into a system for like 2 weeks.

So you part this individual from their money. Great. Only 1 thing; you cannot escape karma.

Karma will catch up with you, just like it will catch up with my good buddy Francisco ;)

Again, I know many folks who are interested in going to Costa Rica, and I have quite a travel network…..Betcha old Franny boy never thought things would come back to him in this way ;) And that is just me, for karma keeps her own silent counsel J

Thank Crooks for Being Your Best Teacher

I can laugh now and write a funny post because Francisco taught me a lesson in what NOT to do, to grow my online business.

Do your best job. Tell the truth. Stop lying, or trying to cheat people.

There is a reason why I am traveling the world and an equally clear reason Francisco is running scams in Puntarenas.

He fears going broke; I am a  firm believer in karma.

So I am living the dream and he on some level, a nightmare, because the only people who blatantly cheat others are deathly afraid of something, namely going-being broke.

On a side note, Francisco, although a slimeball for doing what he did, is not really a bad, bad man.

Most people are good folks, inherently, and we have almost always met friendly, helpful, honest people during our travels.

But some lose their moral compass and although they might feel victorious in the moment, karma hits ‘em in the gut ;)

How have you had a similar experience traveling?

How can you better service individuals who want your help? 

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