Saturday, June 29, 2013

I Cannot Believe I Got So Lucky!

Really, I am lucky and blessed.

See the picture above? That is Kelli, my fiance, in Quepos, Costa Rica a few days ago, feeding monkeys with me snapping the shots.

Life is good. Many people feel we are REALLY lucky, and luck is one of the main reasons why we are living the internet business dream, traveling the world.

As a matter of fact, I was so lucky that I:

  • saw my money dwindle down to 4 cents; re-read, yes, 4 pennies, I had in my pocket, at one time in my life
  • went into debt to the tune of $50,000
  • was sued by creditors
  • went bankrupt
  • suffered through severe depression
  • generated difficult resistance from folks regarding the lifestyle choices that I have made.

I mean, if I am lucky now I MUST have been lucky back then, right? Or was it just an unlucky, lucky thing, where the tide turned for me, due to some cosmic...well...luck?? 

I write in jest of course, my online business buddies. I have traveled the world because I....

Made Uncomfortable Choices

It is 11:09 PM local time in Quepos as I write this post. I am tired as hell. Uncomfortable choice, of course, which will open many doors for me.

Tomorrow is a travel day. Heading to northern Costa Rica. So since I am on the road, I write, now, staying up late, exhausted, but hey, I like being lucky, right? ;)

Pulling a rabbit's foot out of....a designer hand bag...

Too many folks see snapshots on sites like Facebook, or Twitter, or on my blog and have absolutely no idea, of the sour stuff I experienced to get to this sweetness.

People do not see the snapshots of living a life in turmoil. My financial situations or my online business failures, or anything that I needed to go through, to become an online success.

Before you call someone lucky, or believe the idea that luck is in someone's pocket, remember that at one time, they were not so lucky.

Luck does not exist. People make uncomfortable choices, and live their dreams, or they avoid making uncomfortable choices, and do not live their dreams.

What Is the Difference?

Making uncomfortable choices to grow your online business. Some people do it; staying up late, getting up early, giving up their weekends to work their online business, since they work a full time job.

Some folks do this and succeed. Some folks move into a space of financial ruin - not necessary, but it DOES  happen - to reach a space of wealth, of freedom.

Making the choice to cut all sources of retreat makes you the luckiest SOB on earth to people who lack the courage to cut all sources of retreat.

When you have something to fall back on, you fall backwards willingly, ducking situations and uncomfortable choices which would accelerate your growth.

When you have nothing to fall back on you fall - and fail - forward.

Where are you falling? How are you failing?

I never got lucky. I had bad luck, I guess, until I stopped believing in luck. Then I got serious about running a series of prospering online to work.....dealt with uncomfortable I am.

Stop waiting for luck to strike you. Make uncomfortable, freeing choices now.

Never trust the Facebook snapshots. 

You have no clue what went into developing the picture, do you?

Do you believe in luck?


Why not?