Monday, May 27, 2013

1 Reason Why You Quickly Boost Page Views

I spent a few seconds reading a blog post just a minute ago. I was met by 2 pop ups. Not 1. 2. Not good, because I want to read your helpful content to solve my problem, and if I spend 1, 2 or 3 seconds dealing with pop ups then hey, I am not solving my problem, I am busy closing your pop ups. I think pop ups work very well if you use 1 pop up. But 2 is a bit much. Because once I am too busy to get my problems solved on your home based business opportunity blog I head to another blog. Make it easy to read and digest your content quickly. I used pop ups in the past but with my current emphasis on generating ad revenue I want people to read my content quickly, find value, solve their problems and then take the next step; click something. Doing this helps me prosper while I prosper these folks by solving their problems quickly.

Make It Easy to Read

This boosts your page views fast. Cut out barriers to reading. Somebody arrives on your blog. They read your latest blog post. They wish to learn more about your home based business opportunity. Clicks. Good things happen. But if somebody arrives on your blog and has to X out all types of windows or do other stuff to read your content you are making your blog tough to read. This is bad news, and Google tends to side with me on this one. You are a great, grand problem solver. People visit your blog to solve some problem. They want to make money, or get more leads, or laugh, or become inspired. Any problem they want solved, you should solve it as quickly as possible if you want to boost your page views. So stop adding barriers to content, including multiple pop ups. 1 is OK, but that may be pushing it. Test. For me, well, I saw few opt ins so I scrapped them. Now I focus on solving problems, improving my writing skills and generating ad revenue because the goals support a more sustainable, long term income generating model, for me, at least. You find your goals, test, and then you find out what works for you.

Letting Go

Here is the fun part; when you need to let go, pulling your pop ups, you might fight yourself. You feel terrified over all the list subscribers you are missing out on. So you keep the pop up. But then you know you want more page views, and you want to keep people on your site for better search engine rank....back and forth, the dance continues, until you make it all about your readers, and solving their problems, then you make the choice to create a quick, easy, helpful solution for your home based business opportunity readers. For me, simply cutting barriers to content works best. What about yourself? Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your home based business opportunity.