Friday, May 17, 2013

Do You Think like a Prospect?

I saw an interesting post on Facebook a few minutes ago. It was weird. I think so, at least. It mentioned thinking like a prospect. I mean why would you want to think like a prospect if you are an online business owner? You need to do things your way, and everybody should adjust to your way, right? Wow. This line of thinking determines why so many people fail online. Most individuals never think like a prospect and unless you are selling to yourself, well, failure is the end result. Prospects buy from you. Prospects join your team. So you better start thinking like a prospect if you are to sell to prospects, or influence prospects to join your team.

The Process

OK, I write this article thinking like a blogger. Thinking like an online business entrepreneur. But now, I sense a shift. I begin to feel as though I am thinking like a prospect. I begin to visualize myself in a prospect's shoes. I see the problems people face, the dreams they hope to live, the anxieties of starting something new, the pain of financial turmoil, the elation of starting an online business, the nightmare of dealing with angry prospects - the nightmares of a new prospect of course - all this stuff flows through my mind, because I have been there. I have been a new prospect and revisiting this place at times helps me remember what people are struggling with, now, or what people are dreaming about, or what people are hoping about.

Take Your Time

The pattern; think like a prospect for 12 seconds then go back to thinking like an online business owner. This is a mistake because you cannot become successful thinking like....well, thinking unlike a prospect. Take your time. Stop rushing. Remember what attracted you to an opportunity. Easy tip; scroll through Facebook or LinkedIn, snag blog topics, expound on these topics. If other successful people are covering these issues you would be wise to cover these issues, too, because prospects are thinking like the herd. Sure, you might deviate from herd-thought, when it comes to putting your own unique twist on a solution but hey, the problems, they are just about universal.


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