Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How to Generate 3,670 Page Views During the First 14 days of Your Blog

The proof rests above. Go ahead, look up. I cut and pasted the date from my blogger backoffice. On May 7 I had zero page views here because....well....this blog did not exist. Then I created the idea, started posted on May 8th and here I sit on May 22, with 3,670 page views. How did I do it? I committed to succeeding. I set the intent to aggressively begin creating and promoting the stuffing out of this blog to generate page views, spread my brand and generate Adsense revenue. I also wanted to push myself into uncomfortable, new, growing situations by writing more posts and promoting more aggressively than I ever have. Here we are at a little before 8 PM, at a time in the past when I would normally be resting for the night. Well, I am not about that at this point in my internet home business career.

Create Like the Blazes

I post 2 to 4 times on this blog daily, no exceptions. Posting aggressively drives a serious amount of traffic to your blog, quickly. I do have a large network to promote to but hey, you guys know the drill; many of your network never promotes a post, let alone checks out each and every post you write. A big-time portion of these 3670 page views over the past 14 days consists of me creating like a beast each day. I also suggest targeting each and every piece of content to boost page views and Adsense revenue. Create, and create some more, and you will never have to compete with anybody, ever again.

Promote the Stuffing out of Your Content

I use this term frequently to stress how much you must promote yourself to generate page views quickly. As an internet home business newbie I made the horrible mistake of not networking, then as a more experienced entrepreneur I made the horrible mistake of never promoting myself, and now as I gain significant experience I realize that you must promote yourself aggressively for people to see that yes, you believe in yourself, and your offering, and you will see more and more page views as you promote yourself each hour of each day. Push yourself and your content to boost your page views.

Keep at it Daily

Imagine if I posted once per week? LOL....this is why I tell you that, unless you are a celebrity, you damn well better write at least 1 post daily because hey, I am your competition, and if I generate 3600 views in my first 14 days of this blog then you are not gonna generate much interest if you generate 400, 800 or 1000 views during the same time frame. You must remember that there are hungry dogs out there who are getting after it and in order to succeed you must be hungry, too. Post daily. Post multiple times daily if you really want to grow your internet home business quickly.


Post a ton. Promote your content. Keep at it daily. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your internet home business. - Image courtesy of blogger