Saturday, May 18, 2013

1 Reason Why You Create Online Business Enemies at an Alarming Clip

I just read a blog about some government silliness and had to laugh. The guy writing the post made about 2 enemies - at least I gauge this from the comments field - and yep, you can probably estimate about 10 extra enemies or more depending on his readership. The individual writes posts ranting about, well, everything, and he always seems to stir up fights, and to be angry, or upset. OK, "always" is the wrong word, but he does seem to go against most of the time, instead of being for. This simple shift can create miracles in your life, or it can create nightmares too, because how you devote your attention dictates how you live your life. That is why I think about making friends, being for and hanging out under the palm trees in Phuket....and yes I snapped the picture above.

Why You Make Enemies

This guy feels strongly about a topic, which is wonderful. He is passionate, which is wonderful. But he misses out on one key element of building a loyal, high energy readership; he does most things from a place of AGAINST instead of FOR. So naturally, he attracts many enemies, people who are against his viewpoint, instead of attracting fans, or people who are for his viewpoint, and this mistake can attract some really unpleasant situations into your life. The problem? Well, like any online business pro can see, if you are not clearly for what you say you are for then you are against something else. Example; you are a Republican. You say you are clear, a passionate, die-hard Republican, but you spend all your time railing against Democrats. So naturally, you attract Democrats into your life - hey, what are YOU choosing to focus on, it is your fault?!?!?! - and more enemies show up, and more fights, and more stress, anger and heck, it is all because you are clearly not the Republican you say that you are.

Most People Do Not Think

Tell this story to any non-thinking Republican and they get even angrier, because the truth hurts, and lack of clarity makes you angry, and you focus your anger on people who expose your lack of clarity. Ouch. I have been burned in so many areas of my life, online business and otherwise, that this one makes me laugh now, and it still makes me laugh when I start being against instead of for. But I have learned my lesson in many ways. Yes, I attract people who seem to fight me at every turn, but when I ignore them, and focus on what I am for, they vanish into thin air. The shift is key, and you need to mediate, to be more aware of your true feelings, and lack of clarity, to stop attracting so many fighters and start attracting so many lovers. Most people, sadly, do not think, and fight, and go against, and try to disprove, and fight, and go against, and the more force this crowd uses the more they attract more fighters, and their life gets more difficult, attracting more stress, and it is sad, because these fools create their own hell. No need for it.


Stop fighting. Be for. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business.