Thursday, May 16, 2013

3 Tips to Quickly Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset

I am eating oatmeal and drinking tea, and water, now, as I churn out this blog post. Busy day today. I am heading to a wedding tomorrow and today is hotel day, with some travel, and transit, and other stuff to do. Chores, duties, yet, here I am writing blog posts, promoting old posts and connecting with people. Because I think and act like an entrepreneur. You need to think like an entrepreneur, too, if you want to succeed online.

30 Minutes or More of Personal Development Daily

If you are determined to figure out how to make money now, well, I have your answer. Engage in 30 minutes of personal development daily. I prefer meditating for 30 minutes as we are whole, and perfect, already. Meditating allows you to observe your thoughts and feelings in the light of truth, and doing this, you become aware of all your negative limiting beliefs. Yep, the stuff that stops you from making money now and succeeding now. These ideas can come and go in a split second but most people rarely if ever meditate, so they never become aware of their faulty beliefs, or ideas which keep them dumb, sick and broke. Meditate for 30 minutes daily, or visualize, or affirm, to think like an entrepreneur.

Stop Acting Like Most Other People

OK, today I have a wedding - or pre-wedding - stuff to attend. Heading to the hotel at 3 PM. Most people would take the entire day off, or at least people who do not think like an entrepreneur, but I am not most people, and I do not think or act like most people, so here I am in the morning, churning out blog posts and putting in a full work day before 3. Being an entrepreneur does not mean working all the time but it does mean working when most people with the employee mindset take it easy, or take their foot off of the pedal because of some holiday or celebration. Most people are unsuccessful entrepreneurs or do what people tell them to do in order to get a paycheck. Stop thinking like the masses and you will automatically act like the select few, successful, driven entrepreneurs, and you will develop the secret of how to make money now.

Get Comfy Being Uncomfortable

My mind races a little bit. I have less time to work with today so I need to get on purpose and cut out a few daily acts. Less blog posts and articles. Drats. What do I cut out? Trying to figure that one out as we speak, and it does cause some uncomfortable feelings to arise from within my being. I am never overjoyed during these moments but calling the shots and being an entrepreneur requires you to act like a free thinker, which means you must think freely, which means you might be uncomfortable at times as you sift through options. Get used to it. Join the club. I do not travel the world by feeling comfortable all the time, ya know?


Bump up personal development time, stop acting like most other people and get comfy with being uncomfortable. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you figure out how to make money now. - Image