Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How to Market Your Online Business Services

I do quite a bit online these days. I am a cash gifting mentor. I also offer my ghostwriting services. I also write paid guest posts for clients. I generate Ad revenue. Yes, I also provide paid services to my Peoples Program team members, from squeeze page design - just for TPP squeeze pages - to solo ad placement, to specific ghostwriting services for my team, too. Hey, I am a busy bee. For the longest time I felt silly charging for my services. I lacked confidence. I lacked belief in my abilities and my prosperity consciousness was lacking. Then, one day, it hit me; hey, I have written some 4000 article/blog posts. For select guest posts I receive $75 per article. Hey, I am damn good at what I do, time to charge for my talents. Getting to this point took some mental clearing, but once I decided to go all out, and charge, boy did it feel good.(Image above in Phuket, Thailand)

Clearly State What You Can Offer

This is an example of my ghostwriting advertisement: Are you too lazy to write blog posts? Or maybe you lack the time to churn out relevant, targeted content? I offer ghost writing services. I can write keyword-rich, targeted and engaging content to help you grow your business. Topics I can cover: social media, making money online, blogging, running a home business, work at home tips, cash gifting tips. We can discuss other topics too. Package: 4 keyword rich 500 word articles Cost: $100 Please email me at ryan_biddulph [at] hotmail [dot] com or reach me on Skype: ryan.biddulph2 to place your orders. I look forward to helping you expand your online presence.

Pain Point

OK, I am super clear on the pain point/problem most people face; they are too lazy to write online business blog posts, or maybe they lack the time to churn out posts.

Promote the Stuffing out of Your Venture

Yeah, here is where I really, really screwed up. Admittedly, I would promote my online business opps in the past and give up if few people responded after a few weeks or months. This is a long term deal guys, you really need to promote, and promote, and promote, to program individuals to respond to your message. Keep at it. Good things happen. Oh yeah, do not lowball yourself. Otherwise you will attract broke people who try to work you down. Charge your worth and if anything, go a bit high to attract a wealthier crowd to your services. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you prosper through gifting.