Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Why Should You Treat Your Blog Like CNN?

I like as I visit the site once daily for the latest news updates. I do not like following the news but I do enjoy getting up to date on things to see the latest and greatest trends in the world, and to gauge how these stories affect my home internet business.

Now if I visit and see 1 news story for the day, I will be stunned. The site is an industry resource. You absolutely, positively, cannot stand out in the news world if you are late on news, or if you publish old news. But if you are publishing new, usable content multiple times daily, well, you have yourself an industry resource. This is why you need to become a more prolific blogger.

It is obvious, right? Once you create helpful content multiple times daily you will make your blog like an industry resource, a news portal, and yes, the big money can flow in soon after, if not big opportunities leading to big money. Because most bloggers treat their blog, like a blog, not as an industry resource. These folks are not acting like entrepreneurs.

They are acting and thinking like bloggers so the forward-thinking, resource-creating bloggers will lap them.

Create a Resource

Create an industry resource. Stop blogging. Start publishing 2, 3 or 5 times daily - or more - to push yourself out of your comfort zone, to challenge yourself, and to create a prospering vehicle through which you can grow your home internet business.

Now if you are committed to some other niche I understand blogging 5 times daily is impossible but if you deem yourself to be a blogger, what is your end goal? To post once daily and network for 10 hours a day? This is like posting 1 news article daily and attempting to promote the article to hundreds of thousands of people.
It sounds silly for a news service but if you think about it, this approach is just as silly for as aspiring blogger. You want to create a massive, helpful, up to date resource, right? Why blog, if you do not want to create a resource?


Create and recruit. Be the inspiring person you most want to be, by writing 5 times or more daily, then recruit people to join you on your resource quest.

Open up guest blogging and recruit people to join your team. Each person can expand their presence quickly, build their brand and of course, you will be building up your resource. You can monetize through advertising or offering your writing services.

Simply take the time to write frequently daily, learning your niche inside out, and take on more guest writers, to create a resource, and of course, make the big bucks now, and down the road, through multiple income streams.

This is not easy folks. I admit that, but if you want to be remarkable, to be inspiring, and to be the envy of most other bloggers, you have to push yourself to big league limits, to see these fab results.


Treat your blog like an industry resource. You are an entrepreneur, not a blogger.

 Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your home internet business.