Saturday, May 18, 2013

Why You Might Be Painfully Delaying Your Business Growth

I returned from a fun night out with the folks a few minutes ago. Star Trek and dinner at the local sushi joint. Fun night and so important for me to take a break from my home based business opportunity. Nobody gets bonus points for working themselves to death. Nobody becomes wildly successful by killing themselves with work. Much of your creativity springs from when you cease working. When you can commune with the Universe you will generate prospering ideas remarkably quickly. On the flip side when you force yourself to work virtually all the time, not taking days off, not socializing with your friends, you painfully delay your business growth. Contrary to popular belief you get more done by working less. You must work, and put in hours, but if you are working 18 hour days and feel stressed out, and worn out, and you get sick frequently, you are coming from the wrong place.

Bellow Laughter

A few of my friend's jokes had me bellowing in laughter. I am no comedian myself but I am a pretty funny, quick-witted guy. I make an observation immediately and usually garner a few chuckles along the way. So between laughing my ass off and inspiring my buddies to laugh I feel amazing, like I am on some type of rush. This is why I am writing this post at 12:40 AM on a Sunday morning. Too much energy to lay down and fall asleep, I must create, I must prosper. Onward and upward.

Most Struggling Entrepreneur...

...are horribly overworked. They trade time for money, putting in insanely long hours and seeing pathetic results. Yes, you need to put in the leg work but you also need to take breaks or your home based business opportunity will grow at a snail's pace. You need to pull back and allow a larger force to take over. You need to take breaks to recharge your body and your mind. A fortune does you no good if you never take the time to spend much of your money. Spend it. Chill out. Go out and grab a drink. Watch a movie. Go out to eat. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Now if you are struggling financially then take the time to do something other than work. Go for a walk, or a hike, or a run. Spend an afternoon at the park. No shame in that, as many of the world's billionaires and millionaires had very little money at one time in their lives, and they did such things to unwind.


Chill out guys. Accelerate your home based business opportunity growth by simply pulling back and taking a break. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your home based business opportunity. - Image