Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Is Nasty Jealously Derailing Your Home Based Business Opportunity?

You might be blocking your online success in a nasty way. A really nasty way. I know because I was that guy. I was a jealous, envious home based business opportunity entrepreneur. I hated when people succeeded. I fought against folks who rocked it out online, being jealous of their success but claiming that the individuals were simply clueless, or annoying, or spammers, or any type of low energy barb I could loft against these successful, driven and focused individuals who made more money than me. That is it; it all came down to dollars and cents. I hated these folks because I was broke, or when I started to make some money, because I did not make as much money as these individuals. The feeling blocked prospering ideas, people and circumstances from finding me so I naturally perpetuated my struggles in a horrible way. Hey, I own this stuff. I learned to ID and root out my jealousy, replacing the feelings with devout gratitude for my successes and all the wonderful people and things in my life.

Study Your Feelings

I was full of dookey when I told myself I admired the success of people around me. Bullisht. I was jealous of these folks and felt this sensation arise in my being but I rarely studied my feelings, glossing over these most critical of indicators to move away from my blocks. I did not want to admit my energies but my blocks suggested otherwise. I was envious of other's success and this envy manifested as a big league money and opportunity block. Once I studied these feelings, watching the emotions arise when I found out how much money people made each month, I was better able to embrace my energies, release them and move on to high energy feelings, like job, happiness, and gratitude. I made the shift when I stopped lying to myself. What an awesome concept, right? The truth does make you free once you fully embrace the truth of your thoughts and feelings in any given moment.

Make the Shift

If you are a jealous SOB, no worries. Just address these feelings as they are, meaning, feel out the envious energies when the feelings arise from within. Then you can move toward a place of happiness or abundance. Count your blessings. Feel grateful for all your gifts. Be at peace with where you are at, now, to become less jealous and more happy with your present circumstances. You begin to envision a new reality the moment you cease being jealous and start celebrating other's successes. Remember; we are all connected. Celebrating someone else's success is a celebration of your success, and by doing this you become more successful, while other folks become more successful too. That my friends is a great deal.


Stop being jealous. Start celebrating everybody's success. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your home based business opportunity. - Image http://www.flickr.com/photos/nihonbunka/