Sunday, May 19, 2013

Are You Making this Stupid Mistake?

I made a stupid mistake. For a long time. Now, just because I am an online business veteran does not mean I never make dumb mistakes. I am human. Really. So I mess up from time to time. This error involved not leveraging my content. I have over 4000 blog posts online. Yes, really. But I did not leverage the stuffing out of this content so I missed out on page views. I wrote a post, promoted it once and forgot about it so I was not capitalizing on my content to generate a maximum amount of page views. You never know who might vibe with your old posts and hey, dates are irrelevant if your content is timeless. If you create proven strategies, or timeless tips, you are publishing evergreen content. Yep, stuff that stays good and relevant for, like, forever.

Promote You

I tweet out posts every 10 minutes or so each working hour. This is easy. I keep my blogs open, hop on, hit social share buttons and return to my work. The sharing process takes about 20 seconds and I am generating hundreds more page views each and every day using this approach. Smart, right? Of course it is, but I made the dumb mistake of NOT leveraging my content by resharing for many months, and for heck, years. Do not write and forget. Do not create and ignore the power of leveraging, or re-sharing. Share the stuffing out of your content and you will never lack for online business leads. Share your content aggressively and you will never lack for blog traffic.

Promote Other Peoples

Aha! This is when your sharing campaign moves into overdrive. When you promote other people, people promote your content - old and new - in return. People like returning kind online business acts. Good deal. So naturally you should be promoting people aggressively to help them out. Cut the strings. Just help, and you will be shocked and surprised by how many people help you in return. This is a great secret to online biz success. Once you help people expand their presence many of these folks will help you in return, being quick to promote your older and newer works to expand your presence online.


Promote the hell out of your old content. You have an online business gold mine in your midst if you are willing to market your old stuff throughout the day and leverage your presence. Also promote other people to influence folks to promote you in return. Help and be helped. This simple law will expand your online presence at a breakneck pace. Put out whatever you wish to flow back to you, with ease, and think through your campaign to leverage your presence quickly. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business. - Image