Tuesday, May 28, 2013

3 Tips to Help You Get the Job Done Now

I feel tired. My body hurts. This is Blog Post #4 today and I am feeling it. No complaints. Just observations of my feelings in the moment. No matter what I will get the job done. Rolling, rolling rolling, I am always because I follow these 3 tips daily.

 See the picture above? That is my life. Travel. Freedom. So I get the job done to do these fun things.

Be Present

I put off my blog post for approximately 10 minutes. Usually I post at the top of the hour. Temptation. I wanted to put off posting but know that posting hourly brings me success.

The strategy works so I must work it, right? Well, simply taking a deep breath and being present helps clear out all the mental garbage which prevents you from getting the job done. It just helped me. I mean, I actually dropped everything and wrote this post once I became fully present and focused on the moment.

This remains one of the easiest ways to prosper online but most home internet business never see it, and push forward, their minds worrying about the future or regretting the past. Mind your mind. Be present. Get the job done.

Slow Down

Mental hurry cripples even the most determined home internet business entrepreneurs. I know because this was me for a long, long time, and I still must discipline myself to slow down and get the job done when I feel anxious, worried, upset, or annoyed, and wish to bail on my duties.

I need to write 1 blog post this hour so, here we are! I slowed down my mind, became present, and now I slow down my writing, allowing prospering ideas to hit me, remember details - keyword-rich post, good title, etc - so I not only get the job done, I get it done from an effective, focused space.

Slow down all of your thoughts and movements to effectively focus your mind on the job you need to get done, then get working. Your job becomes easier once you move slowly and calmly, because your mind stops racing ahead and distracting you from the task at hand.

Remember Why

Why? Answer. Succeed. If you work you work for a reason. It has to be MUCH bigger than paying the bills to really get the job done because in the home internet business niche you must drive yourself beyond all types of difficult to embrace obstacles to see success.

Right now I feel drowsy. My fingers hurt. But I know why I want to work, as I almost nod off at the PC. Work is piling up but I embrace the responsibility, remain present and focus on the emotion of being free, which is the chief reason why I work to get the job done.

Once you have your inspiring factor in place you will simply never quit. You will never throw in the towel until you get the job done.


Be present. Slow down your mind. Remember why.

 Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your home internet business.