Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Have You Picked a Successful Online Business Niche?

OK, what is success? Many people make some money online but not as many love doing what they do. I know, because I was a guy who made some money with my online business but I did not enjoy offering my particular product or service. I was not successful in choosing a niche because I chased money, not happiness. You too might be struggling to select the proper niche, for you. Imagine a horse being led along by a carrot attached to a string. His owner dangles the carrot in front of his prying eyes, and the hungry, focused horse continues to chase the carrot, to no avail. This is like the online entrepreneur who chases money. No matter how much money you make, you will always want more, and the goal you seek will always elude you, just like the horse chasing the carrot on a string.

You Picked the Wrong Niche

I can go through all the logical steps in selecting the proper niche but I do not want to bore you. If you are beyond happy working your niche, you picked the right online business niche for you. If you are miserable working the niche you picked the wrong niche. Passion precedes greatness in any online endeavor. If you fall in love with your craft you will be happy and successful. The money flows in as more people fall in love with your unbridled enthusiasm and unending positive energy. Yes, follow your passion and success follows, because you will be detached from business outcomes, not worrying about making money, or becoming popular, or all the impediments which block attached bloggers or entrepreneurs who chose their niche without regarding their passions.

The Mistake

This Google Keyword yields a ton of money. I will build a blog around this keyword. Mistake. Well, 1 exception; you are passionate about the keyword and can write all day long about the topic. You see, that is my gig. I studied online business articles and wrote online biz posts for years, fell in love with concept, and a few weeks ago I decided to start this blog, building each post around high paying keywords. I followed my passion and capitalized on my passion. Smart move, because I did not look for high paying keywords 4 years ago, before I developed my passion, which of course would have led to online ruin. I mean, I actually see people with no experience in a niche trying to build blogs around the highest paying keywords on the web. Good luck with that, as you will come off as a sham entrepreneur, with zero knowledge or your craft, a shill who loses their online reputation quickly.


Follow your passion and you already picked a successful niche. Stop chasing dollars. Remember the horse and carrot. You will never reach your goal and you will never feel fulfilled if you chase dollars alone. Do what makes your heart sing and money - and success - will follow you accordingly. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business. - Image http://www.flickr.com/photos/baejaar/