Tuesday, May 28, 2013

1 Reason Why You Can Accelerate Your Online Business Success Quickly

I want back in on Triberr. My blog was pulled due to me not fitting the TB profile which is cool. I get it. But I started this new blog a few weeks back and tailored to their wants, and needs. I am not worrying if I get back in or not - although it would be nice - but I took the 1 critical step to get things going.

 This is key. This is important. This is the reason why I accelerate my online success daily. And quickly. I know you might be afraid to do this but I swear, unless you get over this fear people will run from you. People will take off whenever you wish to connect with them concerning biz talk. People send your fear on a subconscious level and decide to stay away because hey, you are repelled by a scared, non confident person.

You Are Not Afraid to Ask

That is it. That is why you succeed quickly online. You do not fear asking. For anything. I did not fear asking Triberr if I can get back in with a blog which fits their vision.

I admit though I messed around a little bit at first, attempting to talk myself out of this. I thought they would reject me, and tell me my blog was not in line with their rules, and all types of thoughts flowed through my mind but I said the heck with it, kicked out the thoughts, revamped my blog and boldly asked them if I could get back in. I feared in the beginning then killed the fear and asked to get back into the tribe with confidence.

Only good can come out of this situation because I made a bold, confident move which built my confidence. Asking applies to any one of a billion online business opportunities, whether you ask someone to join your team, or ask a blogger if you can submit a guest post to their blog, or ask people to submit guest posts to your blog. The problem? Too many people are terrified to ask these things or to ask for help in any endeavor.

The Online Kiss of Death

Once you stop asking for help you fail. There is no person who can do it on their own. I tried. Does not work. To accelerate your online business success condition yourself to ask others for assistance, or ask others to join their clubs, or ask people to join your team, or ask to submit guest posts, or ask to do anything leading to your growth.

Ask, to get over the fear of rejection. Ask, to get over the fear of criticism. Once you ask without hesitating you have uncovered the great secret of online fearlessness, which propels you into the online stratosphere as you move into higher circles. Just keep asking and pay zero attention to rejection and see opportunities at every turn.



 Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business.