Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How Can You Destroy Roadblocks?

You might be frustrated by roadblocks. Maybe you have run into online resistance resistance recently, or maybe you hit resistance each hour of the day. I do at times. But I keep going. Because I know more fun - and resistance - awaits, and I have discovered 1 secret to destroying roadblocks. During my morning meditation session I felt pins and needles in both of my feet. I could feel the numbing sensation arise. The uncomfortable feelings built up over time, but instead of averting, moving my feet or changing my position to avoid the pain, or to end the pain, I sat and watched. This is because I read my meditation guidebook last night and I remember the author explaining how you should be heroic in being mindful of your pain during meditation sessions.

Online Business Lesson

OK, so after I observed the feelings I moved my attention to my breathing. My meditation session ended. I stood up and whammo! My feet and calves went numb and I could barely walk. So I stopped, sat down and waited for the feeling to pass. It did. Good. I could eat breakfast then write my online business blog posts. What is the lesson here? How can you destroy roadblocks which pop up. You must learn to observe roadblocks instead of being paralyzed by the resistance. I watched the pain arise during meditation. I did not become paralyzed by the fear, I did not move into an aversive state, attempting to avoid the fear. I sat there, embraced the pain, and even after my meditation session, I sat and embraced the pain, until the feelings past.

Think Back...

....to the last time you faced a roadblock. Did you try to blast through the resistance mindlessly? Or did you avoid the block all together, feeling paralyzed by fear when you attempted to face the block. Maybe you have been putting off facing up against roadblocks like: paying off debts, starting your blog, forgiving someone.....the list can go on forever and many blocks seemingly outside of your online business duties, if you avoid observing and embracing these energies, will affect your professional duties, because your energy molds your day.


If you feel fear around some obstacles, stop. Fully watch the fear, then fully observe the roadblock. Maybe you do not seem to have the money right now to start a home biz but if you stop, observe your fear of poverty, then observe your excuse, you can be free of the fear, and the excuse, then you set about finding a solution to your money blocks. You can then list 20 ideas through which you can acquire the money, act on 1 or a series of these ideas, get the money and start your online business. You observed the roadblock and destroyed the resistance in a passive, effortless manner, because once you fully observe and embrace resistance the low energy disappears.


Observe resistance. The roadblock disappears and you are free to find solutions. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business. Image - http://www.flickr.com/photos/ollesvensson/