Saturday, May 25, 2013

Do You Spot Patterns Quickly?

I hopped on Google Plus the past hour and noted something cool; 11 people from a sharing group Plussed my latest blog post. Good money. I will be returning like now to Plus my buddies' stuff because this active sharing community expands my presence quickly. I would share content anyway, helping out my fellow internet home business entrepreneurs, but since these individuals activity and quickly share my content I will be quick to check in at this spot first thing each morning....or at least first thing, when I get down to my social sharing. Fools miss patterns. Fools fail. Successful people analyze their work and spot patterns quickly, repeating acts which lead to success to duplicate their success. Why do few people spot successful patterns? Most people are in such an insane rush through the day, forcing, pushing and trying to get ahead of the next guy, that they totally miss patterns, because they have zero mindfulness. If I did not meditate daily I probably miss this pattern because I am worried about stuff which does not grow my biz. This was me, for many years. I admit it. I lacked mindfulness so I rarely spotted patterns which expanded my internet home business presence and promoted my success. Lesson learned, although I had to learn it the hard way.

Pattern Spotting 101

Slow down your actions. Watch why you are doing what you are doing to identify and spot patterns which might be helping you or hurting you. I write this blog post now but feel the urge to network arise from within my being. Since I am acting slowly I allow this urge to arise and fade away, since writing 1-2 blog posts hourly is the 1 success pattern I can never, ever ignore, and if I am acting quickly and mindlessly, I ignore this pattern, and spend precious minutes or even hours going on a wild social sharing spree, instead of writing my blog posts first and then moving on to the social sharing portion of my day. Acting slowly really is the foundation upon which you can build pattern spotting 101 for once you are acting slowly, calmly and confidently you can assess what you are doing, why you are doing it and whether or not these acts promote your success. Easy? Yes, but uncomfortable at times because you begin to see all the whacky, screwy thought patterns and uncomfortable feelings which arise in your mind on an hourly basis. Be present. Allow these feelings to arise and then fade away, to succeed with your internet home business.

Quick Spotting then Acting

If you spot a pattern without acting on the pattern you fail. I can see the Google Sharing group, spot the pattern of aggressive sharing but if I never return to share people's stuff I see no success from spotting the pattern. Same deal with posting 1 to 2 times hourly. I know this action yields success but if I ignore the act and bail on this post now and write my next post 4 hours from now I will fail, or at the very least I will not see quick success, like I see when I post 1 to 2 times hourly.


Practice spotting patterns quickly then act immediately on these patterns to promote your successful immediately. Are you adept at spotting success patterns? How do you spot patterns? Please share your comment below. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your internet home business.