Friday, May 24, 2013

Are You Working Your Online Business to Pay the Bills?

Next week I am off again to some new exotic locale. Details soon ;) I do not work to pay bills. I work to expand my online business but most of all I work to be free. I note this now because I just came across a post on Facebook Groups where an individual promised $1 to $5 per....I know not, really. But it was the type of deal where you can expect $5 to $20 daily. If you live in the Western world you cannot get by on $20 daily, heck, even if you live in the Far East this is pushing it, as I lived in Southeast Asia for nearly 2 years. The point is this; many people expect to make this amount of money online, which does not even cover your bills. Many more people expect to make enough money to pay the bills, which of course will never pay for your dream vacation, or car. A select few individuals expect big money and do what it takes - work wise - to make that money, and they live a dream, charmed life because they made it happen. You get what you expect. Are you selling yourself short?

My Reality Check

I formerly expected little things out of life. So I received little, online business wise. I talked a big game but my expectations were poor which led to me moving into poor, fear-filled acts which brought me poor results. When I ramped up the expectations I generated inspirational ideas, acted on these ideas and lo and behold! I actually began to see more money flow into my life. I paid the bills and had some money to spare. I began to travel the world. I made my dreams come true because I started to expect truly awesome, life-changing events to transpire and sure enough, they did. All of this happened because I changed my expectations. I aligned myself to experience astounding things. But I needed to suffer my reality check. I needed to stop writing articles for $5, I needed to have that opportunity to close up on me and I needed to push myself to do stuff that I cared not doing at first, to generate more cash online and to then free myself up to pursue other online business ventures as more cash rolled into my life.

Ego Sting

By being honest with yourself you might feel the good old stinging of ego, as you open yourself up to see your thoughts, feeling and actions in the light of truth. I stubbornly held onto old prospering - or not so prospering - channels in the past, to make way for new, prospering channels. I needed to feel the sting and get POed enough where I could be honest with myself. I did not even expect to pay the bills, I expected to make peanuts. Once I raised the level of my expectation by about 10 tax brackets I began to generate prospering ideas and more prospering opportunities right in front of my eyes. But I needed to manually change my expectations before my ideas, feelings and actions changed on a persistent basis.


Expect more. You deserve it. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business.