Monday, May 27, 2013

How to Deal with Harsh Critics Online

Oh yes, it will happen. As you grow online expect to run into a ton of harsh critics. They will come as you grow your home internet business.

No worries though because in no time you can learn and master the great skill I have developed quite a bit recently. Of course I had to learn the hard way, just like many online entrepreneurs, but by learning some tough lessons over a sustained period of time I finally embraced the fact that critics are no big deal. Just unhappy people offering their opinion. Now when I say "critic" I do not mean someone who criticizes you from a helpful place, or who offers a blunt, sometimes low energy opinion. These folks are OK. If you feel angry about their feedback you have the problem because you need to be open to different opinions of your work.

By "critic" I mean people who call you gay, or a jerkoff, or who curse you out. I mean unhappy people - who some might call sick but I know better - who simply try to unload their unhappiness on you. I learned a LONG time ago from a wise trucker, back when I was a security guard working in a shipping terminal, that you never engage a charging bull, meaning that you ignore someone who is angry, or unhappy.


Someone might loft an angry line your way. You spent 3 seconds reading the hateful, hurtful message. Never spend more than 1 second responding. Ignore the individual. They have their own stuff to deal with; you are not a savior, you are a mentor, helping people who want to be helped. So if you run into an unhappy person never engage them. Just block them and move on.

Billions of other people to meet. This is the most compassionate thing you can do as people need to learn how to interact with others, and big boys or big girls do not act like this. Maybe this person had a bad day. Sorry, my seconds are precious. Maybe they are depressed. Well, this will certainly be the wake up call they need, being ignored, because they soon realize that you must learn how to deal with your feelings to successful interact with others. I was depressed, and I was angry, and suicidal at one time in my life.

Nature never spared me the rod, but I took my beating like a champion, got help, helped myself, and soon learned that happy people all go through hell at one time, they just learned how to deal with their feelings effectively.

If You.... a home internet business you are not a savior, you are a mentor. Ignore critics. Ignore unhappy people. No more than 1 second. This is how I maintain peace of mind and a cheerful, sunny demeanor, despite encountering the same folks you encounter.

I do not deal with them. I release them immediately and ignore them. I ignore them again, and again, and they go away for good, and usually, they heal, and some might even return later and thank me. I did nothing for them except ignoring them, releasing them, and letting them figure out that unloading on others is not the way to become an online business success.


Ignore nasty critics. Let them disappear. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your home internet business.