Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Why You Might Be Driving Away Prospects Quickly

As I laze through Facebook Groups I see a problem. A big problem. Too many struggling entrepreneurs make a critical, business-killing mistake day after day. These folks sell one aspect of their gig and trust me, it is the wrong aspect, even if you are a part of a monstrous, powerhouse of an internet home business. Because if you stress this element of your venture you are doomed. You are set to fail because you never stand out from the crowd, the collection of masses who are generally making the same exact mistake which you make. What is the mistake? What is the ridiculous error?

Selling the Wrong Aspect

I hung out on a FB Group 2 minutes ago and saw an individual talking about their home based opportunity. There was no talk of anything else except an opportunity, or a specific internet home business. Bad news. Because 10 people, or 20, or 1000 people, are already talking about these specific businesses. How can you stand out? Especially if many million dollar earners are also promoting the same business? Oh no, you can sell a business but you must sell yourself first if you want to make a real impact online.

Sell You

Sell The Peoples Program, or Empower, or any home biz, but before that, sell you! Yes, by selling you, magical things happen for you. You see, you stand out from the crowd in a massive way. In a huge, massive, monumental way. So yep, you are darn well going to sell you, before you sell your opportunity, because think about it; if you only about Empower Network all day, and Dave Wood, people will go join Dave Wood, instead of you. Now, if you brand yourself, and talk about you, and your successes, and then you follow up with an Empower Pitch, and share Dave Wood's story, then you are selling you, and people will join you. Easy, right?

Brand You

You are the superstar. People join you, not some home based venture, so sell yourself and brand yourself all over your blog and capture page. Then follow up with some pitching, selling your opportunity if you wish, but place a heavy focus on branding you because people buy into you, and what you can offer folks. Be the person who sells themselves and you will stand out from the internet home business crowd. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your home based business opportunity. - Image